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20 mars 2022

after i installed and tried it. it didn't really speed up my website.. then when i uninstalled. it got so much slower than before i even installed it.. it will ruin your site... fake reviews i should say!!!!! how did you guys got 4.9????

6 dagar användning av appen
Avada svarade 20 mars 2022

Hi there,

This is Rainy from AVADA. First of all, I am sorry for the inconvenience you have encountered. I totally can relate to your frustration.
We have Speed up function and other features to boost your speed like Lazy loading, Minification, Instant Page.
In your case, I suppose that the functions are not properly implemented in your store yet.

We can surely fix it for you, improve the speed lightening.
Could you please check my email so that we can assist you better in this.

Hope to hear back from you soon.
Thank you!

Redigerat 2 december 2022

To be honest, at first I was skeptical about the program and thought and that it is going to be like other apps out there claiming to boost site speed. It didn't disappoint the support team was hungry for a review and did everything they could to speed up the site within hours. After the review was published, the speed crashed to 29 worse than what I started with 49. I've told them about the issue and they still didn't figure it out after 24 hours. My experience has been horrible. *Note this an updated review.

Universally Original
5 dagar användning av appen
16 januari 2022

A joke. All the pictures are now super low quality using their feature to optimize the pictures for SEO

My Child Boutique
3 dagar användning av appen
Avada svarade 16 januari 2022

Hi there,

I am sorry for hearing your experience. We have the "Revert function" allows you to revert the images to the original so please don't worry about that. I guess you enabled the image optimization with certain quality percentage, that's why images can be lower in quality after optimization.

I sent you a follow-up email to make sure you optimize it without changing the quality, no worries. Kindly check my email so that we can assist you better!


23 augusti 2022

This App made my website messy, and I looked for the help. But the service was inefficient, so that I could only replace my theme at last.

2 dagar användning av appen
17 november 2021


Loja Dom Figueiredo
2 dagar användning av appen
Avada svarade 17 november 2021


I am sorry to hear your feedback. Did you check your site speed before and after installing our app? Because our SEO Suite app cannot lower your site speed, it even helps improve site loading speed by optimizing images, pre-loading the pages. Other functions of the app help to improve site ranking on Search result.

I wanted to reach out and assist you in finding out what is the actual factor that makes your site speed worse. And we can give the best advice on how to optimize it.

I sent you a follow-up email so kindly get back to me to sort out this problem for you.

Rainy from AVADA

22 juni 2022

I uninstalled the theme because this app caused the theme to crash.
Numerous .aio files need to be removed and code modified after uninstallation.

2 dagar användning av appen
Avada svarade 22 juni 2022


This is Daisy, your account manager at AVADA. I am writing this email to follow up on your 1 star- experience with our SEO Suite app.

First of all, I am so sorry to hear that you can not use our app any more because of the crash. We never want this to happen to you and will do everything we can to bring everything back to its original version.

There is an function to auto remove code before uninstallation. Please click on this button to remove all app code before you uninstall the app (https://prnt.sc/CgHYCvXM6SJm)

We are working hard to reproduce the issue and really need your cooperation to figure out what was wrong.

At AVADA, we want nothing more than your success and satisfaction. Please check your mailbox for further update.

Thank you

22 september 2022

Unfortunately, I can't recommend it... First thing you will notice when entering the app is the amount of advertising even for subscribed users. Ads at the top of every page, additional ads on nearly all tabs plus a deals tab. I nearly uninstalled it just because of this! Dashboard gives an overview of your seo score, feature request, turn app on and off the app and of course an ad. Also estimated savings (hours/cost) which has to be the most pointless thing I have ever seen. Speed up tab, you can compress your images which shopify does natively anyways not sure why shopify users don't realise this and pay other apps to do it again. Site speed up, no idea what this does, no information is given. Instant page is pre-loading, most shopify themes will already do this, same goes for lazy loading. Minification will do very little unless you're using a poor quality theme and apps. Speed up optimisations generally slowed some pages down for us and made minimal difference to others. Also had several 'too many requests' errors under different tabs which had to be fixed by support. Meta tag templating is okay, but to be honest not the best way of doing SEO, doesn't beat creating unique content for each product. The meta tag rule templating is a slightly better way if you must go down this route. 404 redirecting to a single URL such as homepage is not a good way, Google would rather you create correct 301/2 redirects or leave it as a 404 if it's permanently unavailable. Also does not incorporate Shopify redirects like other SEO apps do. SEO checklist is poor and not specific enough to show which pages have an issue, some issues involve having to enable their optimisations and it constantly showed my sitemap is not submitted to Google which it certainly is. HTML sitemap, Don't like how this is done and it creates a sitemap for all page types. Site verifications are handy for some, but why add code to your site when you can simply add a txt file to your DNS settings. Google search console is limited and slow, seems pointless, might as well just go to the search console yourself. My biggest annoyance was SEO analysis for my products, collections and pages. I would prefer to edit them myself. But it gives no notification or scoring to show which products etc have issues. Unless you click on them one by one, edit and save. And if you have thousands of products how do you know which have been done and which haven't! Other apps do this much better where they show and score or you can mark them as completed. My advice would be to try other apps and see which one meets your needs, don't get pulled in by all these 'features' most of which you won't need and have been added for the sake of having 'more features' than other apps.

Gift Moments
En dag användning av appen
Avada svarade 7 juli 2023


Thank you so much for taking your time to leave us a feedback. Your insights, attention to detail, and constructive comments have been truly instrumental in guiding our efforts towards continuous improvement.

I would like to assure you that we have been diligently working on enhancing various aspects of our application based on the valuable input received. Your feedback has not only helped us identify areas for growth but has also motivated us to strive for excellence.

We genuinely believe that the recent updates and refinements we have implemented will greatly enhance your user experience, addressing the concerns you previously raised.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate your time, effort, and commitment in sharing your thoughts with us. We value your contribution and look forward to serving you better in the future.

Best regards,
Avada Support Team

13 mars 2023




18 minuter användning av appen
Avada svarade 13 mars 2023


First of all, we are sorry for any inconvenience that you have while using our app.

We notice that you installed the app 30 minutes ago and shortly left with your feedback. It seems like none of the features has been activated . It is a pity that we have not had a chance to support you before you uninstall the app.

I sent you a follow-up email, kindly check it and we can assist you better!

Thank you so much
Avada Support Team

5 oktober 2022

Tried out the app and decided that it is not for me. Uninstalled the app and deleted some code based on the guide provided. However, there are still remaining files and code in the theme.liquid file that I have to restore the old code before the installation to clean them up.

Ungefär 3 timmar användning av appen
Avada svarade 5 oktober 2022

Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback on our app as it helps us improve the app better for you and other users. On behalf of our team, I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience you experienced when using our app!

There may have some pieces of code left on the site even you use the automatic option. In fact, after uninstalling almost all Shopify SEO apps, the code still remains on your website. That is because of how some features like meta tags or structured data from most SEO apps, which inserts snippets into your theme. Therefore, we need to do an extra step to edit theme (file liquid template) and get them removed.

We have sent you a follow-up email. Please kindly check your mailbox to get our update and solution.
Thank you so much for your generous support! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

29 november 2021

The only app that causes you trouble when you delete it and has many warning messages not to remove. seems like it could be resolved but they keep it on purpose to force you to use their app. cannot recommend

Ungefär en timme användning av appen
Avada svarade 29 november 2021


I am Daisy from AVADA Team. I am writing this email to follow up on your experience with our SEO Suite app.

We’re sorry to hear you did not have a great experience. Since we haven't had a chance to communicate before, please let us check the issue for you.

I have just sent an email to your mailbox. Please help me check our message and solution.

Many thanks for your collaboration and we hope to sort it out for you soon

Best regards,