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29 november 2023

The app works great! I had an issue when setting it up and Lydia was able to resolve it quickly. She offered great customer support and my upsell popup is working as expected now. I would recommend this app to everyone!=

Gunner Woodworks
3 månader användning av appen
3 november 2023

This app is amazing, the pop ups are clean, and beautiful. If i had any problems. I contacted their customer support directly from the amazing live chat feature, Esther and Tony solved my problem in a matter of minutes! Thank you Avada!

Trusted Aroma
13 dagar användning av appen
19 september 2023

Recommendation to Others:
I've recommended this app to all my fellow Shopify store owners. It's been a game-changer for me, and I believe it can do the same for you.

Favor Graphics
12 månader användning av appen
16 november 2023

The app has a lot of potential.I would still recommend this app to anyone who is looking for. The developers are clearly committed to making this app the best it can be, and I am confident that they will continue to improve it over time.
The developers are putting a lot of effort into it and constantly being updated and improved. Also, the developers are very responsive to user feedback.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
10 oktober 2023

Emily. I had problems and contacted support and she helped me solve my problem and also gave me instructions to improve my store. Thank you very much. She deserves a lot.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
3 september 2023

Emily is an absolute rockstar! I am beyond grateful for her exceptional assistance in setting up my Shopify store and optimizing its speed. Her expertise and dedication were evident from the start, and she went above and beyond to ensure my store was running at lightning-fast speeds. Thanks to Emily's guidance, my customers now enjoy a seamless browsing experience. Her knowledge and problem-solving skills are unparalleled, and her commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. If you're looking for someone to transform your Shopify store and boost its performance, look no further than Emily. She's a true professional who deserves every bit of praise. Five stars all the way!

Digital Games Online Store
2 månader användning av appen
30 augusti 2023

I've been using the Avada app for a few months now and I'm thrilled with the results it's brought to my online store. As a business owner, I'm always looking for ways to increase sales while providing a better shopping experience for my customers. Avada has been a game-changer in achieving both these goals.

The upselling and cross-selling features of the Avada app have proven to be incredibly effective. I've seen a significant increase in the average order value since implementing the app. The intelligent product recommendations are spot-on and seamlessly integrated into the shopping journey. This not only drives additional sales but also enhances the overall shopping experience for my customers.

One thing that stands out about Avada is its ease of use. The app's interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it simple to set up and customize the upsell and cross-sell offers according to my store's branding. I was able to tailor the offers to match my customers' preferences and buying patterns, resulting in a personalized shopping experience that resonates with them.

In conclusion, the Avada app has exceeded my expectations in terms of boosting sales and customer engagement. Its powerful features, ease of use, and responsive support make it a must-have tool for any e-commerce store looking to maximize revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. I'm excited to see how Avada continues to contribute to my store's growth!

9 dagar användning av appen
7 oktober 2023

amazing service by jasmine she goes above and beyond to get me the result i want for my page. cant believe its free!

Beauty Genix
24 dagar användning av appen
27 augusti 2023

All the Avada apps made my life much easier. If you don't get something, online support will always help. Shout out to Abby hehe, thank you for your help :)

Fit Fear
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
30 augusti 2023

Hana was very quick to address what I was inquiring about. It was done in a matter of minutes! This app is a great addition to anyone's store! Thank you again Hana!

The Pink Vendur
7 månader användning av appen