Voila: Coupon Discount on Cart

Voila: Coupon Discount on Cart

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Cart discount before checkout | Show available coupons on cart

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Offer Coupon Discount on Cart

Use the proven method of cart discounting to boost cart conversions. Let your customers apply coupon codes right on the cart page

Show Hand-picked Coupons

Show hand-picked coupons on the cart. Motivate customers to avail discounts and reduce cart abandonment

Get Coupon & Conversion Data

Get in-depth insights into how coupon discounting on cart is affecting your Cart Conversion Rate and Sales

Über Voila: Coupon Discount on Cart

Voila adds a highly efficient cart feature proven to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales.

How Voila works?

Cart abandonment is the biggest challenge of almost every online store.

With time we have invented new ways like social proof or urgency to improve cart conversions.

One of such proven methods is offering coupon discounts on the cart. Many ecommerce studies have shown that discount codes, while offered on the cart page, significantly boost conversion rates.

That’s why we see many High growth Shopify stores let their customers apply coupon discounts right on the cart page.

By default, your customers can apply a discount code only when they reach the checkout. But the problem with that is more than 60% of your visitors who have added items to the cart never reach the checkout.

That’s why we have built Voila.

It lets you do two things:

  1. Create A coupon field on the cart page, where your customers can apply a coupon discount.

  2. Show handpicked coupon codes on the cart page so that the user on the cart doesn’t abandon the cart looking for a code. In fact, data shows 17% of cart abandonment happens when customers don’t find a coupon code.

  3. Learn how coupons discounting on the cart is affecting your sales with in-depth analytics.

You can actually test different types of coupons on your cart to see which ones work best.

By showing the right coupons on the cart, you can

Reduce cart abandonment:

When a customer applies a discount coupon on a cart, they are most likely to go to the checkout. Statistics show that 57% of buyers are more likely to complete the first-time purchase when they can redeem a coupon.

Improve the AOV (Average order value):

Showing cart value-based coupons on the cart page improves the average order value significantly.

Try Voila to boost sales. We have a free plan and 11 days Free trial for the PRO plan to start with.

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  • Coupon field on the Cart
  • Show saved amount
  • Customize the look
  • Customize all messages (put any language)
  • Free onetime set-up
  • Email support

Conversion PRO


  • Feature selected coupons
  • Add coupon target details
  • Show express checkout pop-up
  • Get cart conversion analytics
  • Priority email, chat support

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4.6 von 5 Sternen

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Found what I was exactly looking for! This is the best coupon on the cart app. Easy to use. Highly recommended.

Egard Watch Company

Does exactly what it says and customer service responds in a timely manner. It's actually an incredibly important and valuable toolset as many customers will leave if its hard to find the coupon box and shopify has a bad natural template for it.

EV333 Custom Print and Signage

Unable to add coupon codes unless we upgrade by clicking on the yellow "Upgarde Now".
Attention to detail is obviously not their forte.