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TLDR: great customisation and options, do not use the add fee option as you will not receive the money if customer uses PayPal checkout

I have been using this app for a while, it is brilliant for easily adding customisation to my store, I have a lot of colour options and text customisation and this is perfect for adding options to listings and I will continue to use it for this. I have tried a lot of apps and this one is by far the most user friendly.

I do want to highlight, as I didn't realise until yesterday mid launch, that I do not suggest using this app and adding in any increase of charge for your items. I had done this on a large number of products and discovered yesterday that whilst the additional charges pull through to the Shopify checkout if someone checks out via Paypal these additional charges are removed and the customer is not charges the extra fee but as far as they are concerned have purchased the uplift. I dare not look through my orders and see how much money I have lost because of this. Whilst I don't believe that this happens if people use Shop or Shopify checkout I am no longer willing to take the risk and have removed all uplifts from the app.

If this gets fixed then I would rate this app 5 stars as it without a doubt the most user friendly, does everything customisation app I have some across.

Customer support have been helpful all times that I have contacted them.

The Grumpy Tortoise
6个月 人在使用应用
AvisPlus Product Options Team已回复 2023年11月4日

I hope this message find you well. I am Luffa from Avis Product Options Team.

First of all, we are really sorry for the lost of you and the inconvenience experience when using our app.
After receiving your words, the team has run through the app again to see if we can improve the feature and make up for your time with us. We sincerely apologize for the limitation of the add charge, this was partly come from the app and we want to take responsible for this. We have spent a few hours working on an alternative and really came up with a solution that is perfectly suit for you.
So we have sent you an email to clarify the issue and to address it promptly. Our team always wants to make sure to bring our beloved customers the highest quality product so the process might take more steps.

Your opinion matters and our team is all looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,


Slow page download with Dawn theme!! We ran Facebook ads for two months and and our page was downloading cricket slow. We were hoping to try to figure out if we can use this app with a limited number of options on a new theme. But now they want to charge us... even though we were early entry users... worked closely with them from the start.

7个月 人在使用应用
AvisPlus Product Options Team已回复 2023年1月27日

Hi Falooka,

This is Judy from the Avis team. I want to extend my heartfelt apologies for the frustration you've experienced.

We deeply regret not being made aware of your issue sooner, and we genuinely believe that our app has minimal impact on your store's loading speed.

Regarding the activation of our paid plans, this occurred on September 7th. The reason these plans were applied to your store is due to the reinstallation of our app on September 10th. Please rest assured that we never intend to charge our loyal customers without their explicit consent.

Once again, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you encountered during the app reinstallation. If there's anything more we can do to assist you while you're using our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.


Everything about this app and support team has been great. The only downfall is that it's not compatible with express pay checkout or "buy now" options.

Elsmore Swim
4个月 人在使用应用
AvisPlus Product Options Team已回复 2023年9月7日

I am Luffa from AvisPlus Support Team here.

Thank you for your constructive review about our app and I am really sorry for your experience with the "Buy it now" button.

However, there is a thing that I would like to explain about the "Buy it now" button incompatibility. We found that the buttons are not working well with the app since we tested it with our addcharge feature in the product page, at that time, we tried to find the reason for this. We then found that it is because of the app code is not working well with this button logic, thus we suggested hiding the Dynamic button in the Product page to prevent any issue with the order price. Then, the Dynamic button can still being used in Cart page and Checkout page, which is only a step away from Product page and the customer can review the product there.
At the moment, we are still working relentlessly on the buttons in Product page so the experience when using the app will be the highest and we will make notification when we can work with this button.
Please rest assured that our dedicated support team is at your service, ready to assist you at every step. We are more than willing to provide the guidance and support you may require.

I've sent you an email with further information so we can take care of this better. We value your feedback much and are eager to collaborate with you to find a resolution.
Looking forward to your response shortly.

Best regards,
AvisPlus Support Team


I installed this app today, to give it a test run (hence 3 stars to start with) & I must say I was a little lost to being with. I reached out and with the EXCELLENT service from Artemis I now have an app that replaces 3 separate ones I am using.
I will be back to review the star rating when I've used it a bit more, but it is very promising for my needs.

Kristen Lonie Swimwear
22天 人在使用应用
AvisPlus Product Options Team已回复 2023年2月13日

Hi Kristen Lonie Swimwear💙

Thank you so much for your review. Our team is really looking forward to hearing about your experience with us after a time of trial. We will work harder to come up with new interesting features, so our app can support you better in your business. We always appreciate you!

If you need any further assistance with options customization, don't hesitate to contact us via Email, or LiveChat, and we will always be more than happy to help.

Best wishes,


It doesn’t work with the discount button so no good for me unfortunately. The variants set up was great and the customer service was friendly and helpful but with 7 hours time difference it sometimes took some time to amend things and since it stopped working correctly a few times this turned into a longer process to rectify. It did seem a bit glitchy.

Pretty Kitty Bath Bombs
2天 人在使用应用
AvisPlus Product Options Team已回复 2022年5月2日

Hi our buddy Pretty Kitty Bath Bombs!

Amy here from the AvisPlus team. Thank you so much for giving our young startup team a chance to assist you, and for giving us a constructive review.

First off, we are sincerely sorry to hear of your unhappy experience with the app and hope you will accept our deepest apologies. We had been working on investigating the issue on priority for the store, but the app was removed. Therefore, our developers could no longer check it further. Would you mind reinstalling the app and letting us help you more with this? It’s our national holiday here, but our whole team is always ready to check it for you.

Regarding the discount code, we'd love to explain more about it. There are 2 cases:
1. Customers buy products without the up-charge options. In this case, they will be directed to the default checkout page of Shopify and will be able to apply a discount code at the checkout page.
2. Customers buy products with up-charge options. In this case, the app uses the draft order checkout page to add an additional charge to the order. The discount code box will not show up on the draft order checkout page of Shopify. You may see that various apps that use the draft order checkout page like us cannot allow discount codes either. But no worries! We’ve been working on a possible solution to this and will release a new app version that allows discount codes on the cart page in the near future. I will surely keep you posted on this.

To be honest, our app is likely to be the only Free product options app that offers price add-ons and bundling features (which are only available on the very expensive subscription plans of other paid apps). We are always aware of the above shortcoming and have been working tirelessly on a solution to improve the user experience of AvisPlus Product Options’ merchants. For the time being, I suggest that you set up the automatic discount to give a discount to customers.

In addition, we’re really sorry for the big time zone difference. We have been offering not only email support but also live chat in day time until midnight, from the very first day of the app, to make up for the timezone difference. Thanks to your feedback, we are improving our human resources to open more support hours.

It’s been always important to us that our merchants are more than satisfied with our product as well as customer service and we would like the opportunity to assist you longer. Your opinion matters and our team is all looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,
Amy and your friends at AvisPlus.


I thought this will be simple and straightforward app, I was wrong. To add a price charge for different variants you need to contact support. Why?

8分钟 人在使用应用
AvisPlus Product Options Team已回复 2022年11月14日

Good day to you Divarti store,

It's Artemis from Avisplus team. Thank you so much for giving our young startup team a chance to assist you, and for giving us a constructive review.

First of all, we are sincerely sorry to hear of your inconvenient experience with the app and hope you will accept our sincere apologies. I have sent you an email and I hope that I can hear from you soon.

There is a thing that I would like to explain in this situation. The Add charge feature needs to be activated manually since, depending on the theme, the compatibility between the app and the theme can be different, so when we activate the feature, my dev will also check and make sure that it can work smoothly with your theme. Our team always want to make sure to bring our beloved customers with the highest quality product so the process might take more steps.

Your opinion matters and our team is all looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,
Artemis Doan
AvisPlus Customer Success Team