Product Feed for Google

Product Feed for Google

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Creates and updates a product feed for Google Shopping

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Sell more with Google Shopping

You're losing money if you're not advertising on world's biggest search engine. Get your products in front of millions of Google users.

New happy customers are waitin

Help new customers find your store & improve their lives with your awesome products! Your Google Shopping listings will make them happy.

Automate your marketing effort

Set it up once & leave the rest to the app. Your products on Google Shopping will be up-to-date with your Shopify store automatically!

Over Product Feed for Google

What does the Product Feed for Google app do?

The app generates a Google Shopping feed (XML) automatically updates a product feed that syncs your products with Google Merchant Center. When you update your product details, your products will be automatically updated on Google Shopping.

Does the product feed app have access to my Google account?

Absolutely not! Unlike other apps that access your Google account, which is a huge security risk if they get hacked, we don't have access to your account. That's the reason why you need to set up your Google Merchant account manually - an easy process, supported with step-by-step tutorials, is provided in the app and we're happy to you via email support. The app provides a product feed URL that you use to create an automatically updated list of products.

What are Google Shopping ads?

Google Shopping ads help you attract more buyers by showing your products in search results and display ads across the internet.

Why do I need the Product Feed for Google app?

Our app automatically builds product feed. Set it up once and forget it. Your Google Shopping feed will be continuously updated whenever you add new products or change existing ones.

Can I choose which products are included in the product feed?

You sure can. There are two options:

  • include all products or
  • include products from selected collections.

Can I use custom labels?

Yes, you can. You can add up to 5 custom labels that contain various product information, such as Shopify collection IDs to filter your products, product SKU, product handle, product tags and barcodes.

Can I add custom properties required by Google?

Yes, you can.

The Product Feed for Google app offers an intuitive interface to define rules that automate the process of assigning:

  • Google Product Categories data (such as Clothing & Accessories > Clothing > Dresses)
  • Google Gender data (such as Male / Female & Unisex)
  • Google Age Group data (such as Adult / Kids, Toddler, Infant & Newborn)

Can I change the default product image?

Of course, you can!

You're able to use:

  • the variant image,
  • the default product image (first product image) or
  • choose any of your product's images.

Which countries, languages & currencies do you support?

We support all countries, languages and currencies that Google Merchant Center supports, and when you create a product feed, you choose the target market.

See screenshots for more details or contact us by email if you have any questions.

We offer a 7-day free trial.

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This app was very simple and straight forward to setup & the support offered resolving our configuration requirements was very fast - Peter went above and beyond to help us. I can not recommend this app highly enough.


in my opinion the best simple app for what you need, you dont need anything else than this provide, besides the EXCPECIONAL support, one of the best in shopify apps... always very helpful (and i know i can be a pain in the ass!) keep rocking! ps: the facebook catalog also is a must have!