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Generate more sales with Awin’s affiliate marketing solution

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Find and connect

A global network of vetted and active publishers ready to drive more customers to your Shopify store

Manage and reward affiliates

Access to Awin’s management interface and the powerful tools needed to run successful affiliate activity

Realtime reporting suite

Realtime reports let you view your affiliate data in a variety of ways from individual transactions to performance at a device level

Awin ‑ Affiliate Marketing 정보

This Shopify App is simple to activate and facilitates a direct communication and technical tracking connection with affiliate partners (also known as publishers e.g. websites, tech solutions, influencers and bloggers) that are active in the Awin network.

With the App enabled you will be ready to manage your affiliate activity on the Awin platform, selecting from thousands of affiliate partners who can advertise your Shopify store and drive new customers. Affiliate marketing works on a performance model, where you pay a commission to referring partners only at the point of a confirmed purchase (typically a % of the sale value).

The app is the only integration needed for Shopify stores and brings Awin’s full tracking suite ready to work with Awin affiliates. It includes voucher/coupon, product, sale, click and impression tracking all of which can be viewed on the Awin platform by logging in to your Awin account.

To proceed you need to have an Awin account (click Developer website link under Support to apply). This comes with an ‘Advertiser ID,’ which is required to setup the Shopify plugin. Your Awin account has a profile page which is specific to your business, displaying the commission you choose to offer publishers and links to search tools including the publisher directory, the reporting suite and all the features and controls you need to grow your activity to its fullest potential.

The app itself features no additional fees.

To learn more about Awin’s Shopify solution in the US please contact To learn more about Awin’s Shopify solution in the UK please contact

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가장 최근 리뷰

Walk London

So much easier than having to install the tag manually and risk not having accurate data. Great solution that can easily be developed for more advanced programmes in the future :)

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 1일

We're pleased to hear you're satisfied with the app and thank you for the 5* review! Good luck with your affiliate programme.


Easy to install and worked quickly out the box. Awin is proving to be a great platform to expand our audience. Also - thanks for making it free too, makes the barrier to adoption much less internally. Thanks

개발자 회신

2021년 1월 27일

Thank you WUKA for the 5* review. We wish you all the best in your affiliate programme 🍀

Pure Gems

Awin is a great Affiliate Marketing Platform! I believe they're the largest network globally. When you become an advertiser you can find countless publishers around the globe to promote your store in return for a commission on each sale. With this app Awin provided a hassle free Technical Integration for your Shopify store. The only thing that would be still great to add would be a product feed integration, so that the Awin app can pull a product feed straight into your affiliate campaign - without having to pay for another app in order to have this. Thank you Awin!

개발자 회신

2021년 1월 27일

Thank you for your 5* review, it's great to hear you've benefited from the Awin Shopify app. Appreciate your feedback on the product feed - will share this internally to see if there's anything we can do here. All the best with your affiliate programme!
- Awin