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7. September 2023

I've been using this platform for half a year now and the whole process with their team has been super easy. They get back to all my responses within the day & fix all issues with any orders when my customers change their sizes or addresses. Awkward Styles saves me so much time handling my orders and fulfillment while I focus on my two other businesses. This platform makes my brand almost automated in a sense while I build my revenue streams elsewhere to have multiple streams of income. I would like to also give a shoutout to Wendy if she see's this. She has been the most helpful representative i've had with a company in a very long time so I truly thank her for that!

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4. März 2023

App is Easy to use straight forward. Customer service is very prompt and very helpful. Prices are very fair. There are a few things I believe should be added or restructured which would send Awkward Styles over the top.

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9 monate mit der App
Awkward Styles hat geantwortet 8. März 2023

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback! We'd love to hear your thoughts on features that would improve your experience with Awkward Styles. Our DM's and emails are always open to suggestions! :)

16. Februar 2023

I have been using Awkward Styles since around September 2022. I have used a few other POD companies to experience their interface, review their quality, and get a sence of what company I prefered to use. I quickly decided on Awkward Styles. I have only had one issue out of 100+ items printed. The issue was very minimal and was easy to miss in quality check. But the customer insisted and Awkward Styles took care of it no problem. They responded within 24 hours and had a new tracking number with a reprint for me within 48 hours. That was AMAZING! I will say I have had a handful of issues with their site and syncing to Shopify. I have worked with Max, Hande, and Hiram and they have all been extrememly helpful, quick to respond, and always nice and understanding. Their interface is lacking a few features that I liked from other POD companies, I have made customer service aware of these and they sent them to the team, I hope to see those improvements in the future. I forsee me using Awkard Styles for a long time, they are exceptional in quality, customer service is quick and helpful, and the over all experience is great.

Coffee Creek Designs
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Awkward Styles hat geantwortet 17. Februar 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback about our website. We greatly appreciate your input. We're glad to hear about your positive experience, and will continue to work to provide great service and further improvements!

19. Dezember 2022

I recently tried out a print on demand store called Awkward Styles and I am really impressed. Their website is incredibly user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes setting up my store a breeze. They offer an impressive selection of products to customize, from t-shirts and hoodies to mugs, hats, phone cases and more. With the ability to add my own designs or logos onto any item in their catalog, I can create one-of-a-kind items that are sure to stand out from the crowd.

The quality of the items is also top notch - everything looks just as good in person as it does online! Their printing process ensures vibrant colors and sharp images no matter what you choose. On top of this

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Awkward Styles hat geantwortet 23. Dezember 2022

Thank you so much for the positive feedback! We are glad to hear that you find our interface user-friendly and our product selection impressive. We take pride in offering a wide variety of high-quality products and are thrilled that you have had a positive experience with our printing. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to serve you. If there is anything else we can do to improve your experience, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you again for your kind words!

9. Dezember 2022

Very disappointed with the customer service. When there is an issue they take forever to respond. I placed a big sample order and submitted a claim for three of the items because they did not come out like the mock-up. It’s been over two weeks and still nothing. If I dropped shipped the items and my customers had complaints I would have had to refund them and take a loss and possibly lose my customer. I even sent three messages and still nothing. They would have gotten five stars if they had better customer service. I gave them an extra star because most of the designs came out nice. Customer service is the utmost important thing in business because it can make or break a business. Without it, you have nothing. If they could improve that part they would have an amazing company.

The Art of Black Motherhood
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Awkward Styles hat geantwortet 9. Dezember 2022

Hi there,
We are sorry for your experience. Our response time is usually lower than 3 hours, even during the peak season. We use intercom to follow all metrics. Our team is checking to see if there was a glitch during your claim process.
Thank you for your feedback and business.

Bearbeitet am 10. Februar 2023

After doing some research and checking out other vendors, I found out that my problem with the square box showing on the front of my garments is a common problem with DTG printing on black garments. This is a thin layer of a glue-like substance that is a process of pre-treatment. I guess, I wasn’t the lucky one, because it was very noticeable for me on two of my garments and not so much on the other ones. This really should have been caught in the QC process, which I heard from a person from Awkward Styles is a rigorous three (3) step process. I submitted several claims and look forward to getting credit for these garments, because my orders are still coming in, and I am happy with Awkward Styles and have no plans to go elsewhere. So, I will leave my review rating as it is, because this really was a problem that will likely happen again but should have been caught before sending my garments out.

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Awkward Styles hat geantwortet 8. Februar 2023

Hi there! Thank you for reaching out! It looks like we haven't received any communication or refund request from this account regarding these issues. Please open a refund request through your Dashboard, and an agent will happily look into them for you!
It's hard to say what the issue is stemming from without images of the items. Please submit images along with your order numbers and we will definitely look into this in detail so we can take the appropriate measures and apply the correct solution. We appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to work with you!

16. Dezember 2022

I won't work with Awkward Styles again. I initially found them on Printify and had good results with them. But without the oversight of a third party, they aren't trustworthy or reliable. I mostly use Printify for the products in my store but there are a few products that Awkward Styles offers through its own app that they don't offer through Printify, so I added their app and those items to test them out. I'm glad I didn't add more than a few items because I've pulled all of them after a terrible experience trying to get truthful information about a manual order placed weeks ago. First, it was all printed and there were just a couple of steps before it shipped. Then they said only one item was printed. When I asked them to cancel they came back and it had suddenly and magically shipped. But two days later USPS still says they don't have it. And bonus--they shipped it Parcel Select, so it could be another two weeks before it arrives. Awkward Styles is either dishonest or incompetent. It's a shame because their printing is pretty good. But the setup and interface of the app leave much to be desired. I recommend using Printify. You'll still be able to offer Awkward Styles products if you choose (although I'll be removing those from my shop as well after my experience). But the app is easier to use, you get the oversight of Printify to help keep Awkward Styles honest and there are more products and providers. I'm really disappointed in this app and this company. I had really high hopes for it.

Morning Wendy by Sack Lunch Design Co
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Awkward Styles hat geantwortet 24. Dezember 2022

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about your experience with our company. We truly appreciate hearing from our customers and value all feedback, as it helps us to continually improve and provide the best possible service.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns. We are always here to help and are committed to providing you with great service.
Thank you again for your feedback.

14. Februar 2023

At first the set up on sending to production and tying your shopify account in for production orders was a little confusing, but since that has been taken care of, we havent had any issues. The customer service with Awkward Styles is amazing, the turn around on orders is quick. People have been so happy with the quality.

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Awkward Styles hat geantwortet 16. Februar 2023

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your kind words!

1. Januar 2023

We’ve shifted most all of our POD fulfillment from several companies we used over the years to Awkward Styles. They have superb quality, lots of brand selection for the garments they offer, great customer support and astonishing speed from order to arrival at a customer. Their pricing is also more competitive. Their online interface is very user friendly. It has made us and our customers delighted with the end to end POD experience.

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Awkward Styles hat geantwortet 8. Februar 2023

Thank you for your feedback! You've brightened our day. :)

1. März 2023

Have not been doing this for too long but this app has made things EASY!!!!!
Mock-up generator works very well and from what I have received as samples for my store, very accurate. All the printing has been great!!!
If I ever had any questions or problems the team at awkward styles was very good at responding and working through it.
Love Awkward Styles

11 monate mit der App
Awkward Styles hat geantwortet 1. März 2023

Thank you for your feedback, we've very glad to hear you're happy with your samples and our services!