Sweepstakes as a Service

Sweepstakes as a Service

開發者:B1In Inc

100% Cashback App - Become part of the largest sweepstakes


The 100% Cashback App

Be the merchant that gives your customers an entry into a sweepstakes with a 1/100 chance to win 100% cashback on every order up to $50,000

The Legal Sweepstakes App

One app that runs and hosts all the aspects of a sweepstakes; the entry process, the risks, the legal issues and paying the winners.

The Conversion App

Increase in sales, conversions, posts to Social Media and decrease in returns more likely when offering a 100% Cashback sweepstakes,

有關 Sweepstakes as a Service

About Sweepstakes as a Service

  • Sweepstakes as a Service (SaaS) is an exclusive model developed by B1In whereby B1In hosts sweepstakes and makes entries available to online merchants; removing the risk, expense and legal issues associated with running a sweepstakes independently.
  • SaaS by B1In runs the sweepstakes, pays the winners and provides merchants with a unique opportunity to enter their customers into rolling sweepstakes to win 100% cashback on everything they purchase.
  • Each Sweepstakes has a fixed ratio of 1 winner from every 100 entries with the winner receiving 100% cashback. The cashback amount ranges from $25 to $50,000, depending on what they spent at the merchant's store.

How it works?

  • The SaaS app is designed to run in the background and once the merchant has completed the simple initial setup, no further interaction is required.
  • The app continuously checks for new orders and enters the customer into a pending sweepstakes as soon as they complete a purchase.
  • Unlike traditional Sweepstakes, where thousands of entries try to win one prize, every entry into a B1In Sweepstakes has a 1 in 100 chance of winning with hundreds of drawings every day
  • Winners receive payment from B1In NOT the merchant for 100% of their order value (excluding any shipping and taxes), whether they spend $25 or $50,000.

Why install SaaS?

  • How likely, and how much more, would you purchase if you thought you could get it ALL for FREE? 1 more item? 5 more items? Whatever the number of extra items we know you are more likely to convert a sale by offering a customer the chance to win 100% Cashback.
  • That is what B1In offers merchants, the ability to enter any customer into a Sweepstakes where they can win 100% cashback on every order.
  • Why give away a 5%, 10% or 20% off coupon? Instead, give your customer the chance to have a 100% coupon
  • Increase conversion rates and social media interactions with this unique promotional tool
  • Use the supplied marketing material on your site or design your own to promote the sweepstakes

Merchant Dashboard

  • Sweepstakes participant list
  • Select active product collections
  • Start/pause app
  • Download custom marketing material
  • View account details and payments


  • Higher conversion rate
  • Free to Customers
  • Decrease Returns
  • No winner payment or legal risk
  • Regular update to marketing material
  • Reduce coupons and discounts
  • Increase sales and traffic
  • Stimulate affiliates
  • Standout from competition
  • Create a reason to buy
  • Build excitement
  • Enhance brand on Social Media
  • Multiple customer interaction
  • Start/Pause Sweepstakes anytime
  • Marketing customer emails
  • Direct support
  • Simple install and maintenance

Install this App today exclusively available from B1In

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Only charged when Live. Unlimited customers, entries and winners, 2% of sales with a minimum of $29.99 per month

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