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October 6, 2022

Customer support is very poor, asked them to guide me through the installing process and how it works, they seem not care and keep sending their written useless tutorials. Then they offered to use other app if we don't understand their app... joke

2 days using the app
A9 Design replied October 6, 2022

This was a seriously puzzling and unfortunate interaction. We’re sorry that the app and our support weren’t up to your expectations. Even for us, this was a mess and we've never experienced anything like this in four years on the App Store with hundreds of users and support tickets.

You opened a support ticket asking some questions about how our app works, and we answered each one promptly (in well under an hour). After installing our app, you asked to be guided through using it. So we provided you with a detailed explanation on how the app works from setting it up to using it day-to-day. You came back with several questions, all of which are answered in the tutorial we provided, but we still did our best to answer each one individually.

The app was already set up and working on your store. All that was left to do was add a link to B2B Handsfree's registration page to your store's navigation menu. You already havea navigation menu with links to various pages on your store, the link to B2B Handsfree's registration page would have been created in exactly the same way.

We, again, provided you with step-by-step instructions on how to add this link and even sent you a link to Shopify's help page on the subject, just to be safe. You replied that this was confusing. At that point I concluded that you were probably looking for an app that does things in a completely different way and that our app was therefore not going to be a good fit for you. Our app has a very specific approach which doesn't work for everyone.

So I suggested a different, simpler app that I hoped would be a better fit. We always do this if we feel a merchant will be better served by a competing app. To this, after 20 support messages going back and forth, with us making every effort to explain how our app works, you responded that our customer support sucked, that you wanted a video tutorial, our written tutorials were useless, and that an App Store review would certainly improve our customer support.

I made a last effort to smooth things over, but here we are with our first ever 1-star review, which I believe I can say we worked very hard for. I guess you can't win 'em all.