B2B Handsfree

B2B Handsfree

af A9 Design

B2B & Wholesale custom registration and EU VAT ID validation

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Special B2B registration form

Enhanced registration form for VAT ID validation and capturing full B2B / Wholesale customer data.

Auto tax-exemption + tagging

Automatically set B2B / Wholesale customers from EU countries other than your own to tax-exempt and optionally add tags to B2B customers.

Print VAT ID on invoices

Use your B2B / Wholesale customers' VAT ID on Order Printer invoices and elsewhere.

Om B2B Handsfree

Handling B2B / wholesale customers is different than managing regular consumers in multiple ways. You usually want to qualify business customers before showing them wholesale pricing, and if you’re in the EU you’ll want to get their VAT ID so they can buy from your store without paying VAT.

Custom registration form for wholesale customers

With B2B Handsfree, wholesale customers register for an account on your store using a custom registration form where they must enter and validate their VAT ID, which is critical info for you as the merchant, so you can verify the customer is actually a business.

But that’s not all. Unlike the default registration form, where a customer first registers an account with her name, email and password and can only add an address after registering, our custom registration form lets customers register with their full business info, including address, company name and phone number. Unlike Shopify's default signup process, this familiar workflow is how experienced wholesale customers expect a B2B store to work.

Automatic account invite after registration & VAT exemption

After completing the registration form, wholesale customers get an email with a link by which they can set a password for their newly created customer account. The app also sets foreign wholesale customers to tax-exempt and automatically adds their VAT ID to every order as an order attribute. You can then include the VAT ID in invoice templates in Order Printer, Order Printer Pro, Billbee, OrderlyPrint and elsewhere, which is legally required in order to be able to sell to EU business customers without charging VAT.

Configure the app's settings to match your requirements

All features can be enabled or disabled depending on your specific requirements. Want to verify new wholesale customers by hand? No problem. Just disable the automatic account invite and send it out manually after you’ve verified the customer. Don’t want to set EU B2B customers to tax-exempt automatically? Simply uncheck the appropriate checkbox in the app’s settings.

Last but not least, the app (optionally) sends you an email every time a new customer submits the B2B registration form. That way you can immediately double-check who is registering a business account.

Features overview

  • Custom registration form for B2B customers with VAT ID validation and full contact data.
  • Customers automatically receive an email to activate their account.
  • Automatically set foreign wholesale customers to tax exempt.
  • Include VAT IDs on invoices in Order Printer, Order Printer Pro, Billbee, OrderlyPrint and elsewhere.
  • Get notified whenever a B2B customer registers a new account.
  • Automatically tag new wholesale customers (useful for wholesale apps that change pricing based on tags)



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  • Available to merchants using Shopify Plus.

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