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28 januari 2024

We have found the B2B Wholesale Solution an excellent add-on to give our site the extra functionality we required.

Whenever we have had queries the BSS team have been very responsive and effective at dealing them.

Highly recommend the team and app.

Luxury Skincare Brands
Mer än 2 år användning av appen
17 januari 2024

Not the first time using the support from B2B/Wholesale Solution and everything always goes smooth and easy. The problem is always fix and it done very quickly even with the time zone different.

Jean Julien
Ungefär ett år användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 21 januari 2024

Thank you so much for such a valuable review.

It has been our pleasure to help you out so far. If you might need any further support, don't hesitate to contact us again at "support-sbc@bsscommerce.com" and our agents will be right there.

Wish your business all good!

29 januari 2024

I can't say enough positive things about my experience with the BSS:B2B/Wholesale Solution app and the incredible support team behind it, led by the exceptional agent, Emma.

From the very beginning, Emma made it clear that my satisfaction was her top priority. She went above and beyond to meet with me numerous times, always being incredibly responsive and impressively fast in addressing my concerns and requests. Emma's dedication to ensuring that my customization needs were met was truly remarkable. She was responsive in the chat when I had an urgent problem and gave me the right advise to solve it.

But it doesn't stop there; the wholesale app itself is a powerhouse of features. It's incredibly rich in functionality and works flawlessly. It's clear that the developers put a lot of thought and effort into creating a tool that is both user-friendly and highly effective for managing wholesale customers. This app has streamlined my wholesale operations, making my business run smoother than ever before.

What truly sets this company apart, however, is their fantastic team. Beyond Emma, every interaction with their support staff has been outstanding. They make it easy to schedule support calls and are always ready to help. I appreciate that we can even meet in a share screen format, making it easier to troubleshoot and ensure that I'm getting the most out of the app.

In conclusion, I can't recommend this BSS wholesale app and their amazing team enough. Five stars are well-deserved for their outstanding service, feature-rich app, and unwavering commitment to their customers' success. Emma and her team have not only met but exceeded my expectations, and I'm grateful to have them as a part of my business journey.

Prabhuji's Gifts
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
10 januari 2024

My questions were fairly basic and arose because I was new to using the app. The chat help line was very quick, helpful and patient with my questions. All issues were quickly sorted and the little videos they sent me helped enormously. I could not be more happy with the scope of options the app offers and the immediate assistance to help even a beginner user. I can't wait to and explore and incorporate more features.

Simply Desserts
2 månader användning av appen
24 januari 2024

So far the support that BSS offers is very very good. They are more than happy to sit down 1-1 and solve your problems.
Jolie in particular has been very helpful and kind. Really excited to get the app live on my site now!

Waldo Dynamics
2 månader användning av appen
1 februari 2024

Great support team always helpful and fast response. Many useful pricing and quantity rules features.

10 månader användning av appen
29 januari 2024

BSS has been a great addition to my store. There are so many options when setting up your B2B customers. The customer service was fast and responsive and was able to help me with some integration and shipping issues I was having.

Shop Alta Brand
17 dagar användning av appen
5 januari 2024

BSS Wholesale is the best Wholesale app we found for our needs. Even better, BSS has been very attentive and accessible to us during our build out. We have requirements that needed a decent amount of back and forth (don't we all??) with them and always got answers to our questions quickly along with solutions. As a side bonus, they have a wide variety of compatible programs which makes it so much easier. A one-stop shop Wholesale marketplace!

Lilla Rose
22 dagar användning av appen
3 februari 2024

Jena and the BSS team were amazing! I encountered a handful of snags and speed bumps, and they displayed patience, provided informative assistance, and promptly addressed and fixed every problem I had on the site. They even got on the backend of my site and corrected problems instead of just sending me to a help blog like most app do.. I initially considered a free wholesale app, but their prompt and solution-driven service became the decisive factor for me. I am choosing to stick with them because I trust that they will be there to help resolve any problem that may arise in the future.

Ex Machina Supplements & Nutrition, LLC
5 dagar användning av appen
20 januari 2024

When I was having problems getting my registration form to appear correctly on my website, I sent a chat message to support and they were about to fix my problem quickly.

Cloudland Coffee Company
15 dagar användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 21 januari 2024

Thank you so much for such a valuable review.

It has been our pleasure to help you out so far. If you might need any further support, don't hesitate to contact us again at "support-sbc@bsscommerce.com" and our agents will be right there.

Wish your business all good!