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Me han ayudado Jennie y al técnico Duc Nguyen Van, me han solucionado un problema en menos de 24 horas y todo muy bien. Me han modificado la plantilla para que los clientes mayoristas puedan ver los precios personalizados en la página de la tienda. Ya se estaban quejando porque no veian los precios reducidos. Asique en menos de 24 horas el tecnico Duc y Jennie me han ayudado. Me toca traducirlo al ingles pero de todas formas nos entendemos con el traductor de google.
Actualización: no me resuelven los problemas, además tardan más de 24 horas en contestar, en españa resuelven las cosas a las 9 de la mañana y luego desaparecen 24 horas

Jennie and the technician Duc Nguyen Van have helped me, they have solved a problem in less than 24 hours and everything is fine. I have modified the template so that wholesale customers can see custom prices on the store page. They were already complaining because they did not see the reduced prices. So in less than 24 hours the technician Duc and Jennie have helped me. I have to translate it into English but we still don't understand with the google translator.
Update: they do not solve my problems, they also take more than 24 hours to answer, in Spain they solve things at 9 in the morning and then they disappear for 24 hours

Actualización: han solucionado todo hasta el limite de lo que ellos puede, intentan ayudarte en lo máximo posible,todo funcionó rápido al dejarle una reseña negativa, pero era necesario para poder mejorar nuestra web

Natural Esential
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BSS Commerce已回复 2023年3月27日

A great thanks from Jennie and the team for the update.

If you might have any other concerns, don’t forget to reach the team at sales@bsscommerce.com and we will be right there.

Take care!


It's not the perfect solution, because you have to assign coupon codes for the wholesale customers through the app. Your wholesale customers can't use "normal" Shopify coupon codes while using this app, which most rewards programs incompatible. (Because most rewards programs create coupon codes when someone redeems their points, but these codes are regular Shopify codes that wholesale customers can't use.) After a lot of experimenting with many apps, we have found a reward program that will work alongside this app - a reward program that uses gift cards instead of coupon codes. It's not the ideal solution for us, but we have adjust and it works fine now. The support always gets back to you within a day and is very helpful, and the app has a lot of features. Overall I'm very happy with it.

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BSS Commerce已回复 2021年8月24日

Thank you for your kind words and hope you enjoy our app so far.

A great thanks from Stephanie and the team.

Don’t forget to reach the team at sales@bsscommerce.com anytime you are in need.


Stephanie and BSS Commerce team.


I like very much this b2b app for my wholesale business and hope it will helpful to grow. I am new for this app but hoping to get more idea. Till now I am fully satisfied with this app and also customer service is great.

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BSS Commerce已回复 2023年6月15日

Thank you for your rating!

We're thrilled that you like the B2B app and hope it helps your business grow. We appreciate your positive feedback and value your satisfaction with the app and customer service. Thank you for trying us out!


This is a great add on to Shopify. The custom pricing feature as well as customer registration is what I've used. It enables us to setup B2B functionality for our store. The support has been great and quick to address the issues as they have come up. the one improvement idea is to ensure the custom codes the app adds to the shopify template do function consistently. In our experience, it seems the website sometimes bypasses the BSS's codes and reverts to be using the default Shopify template. Ovrall a good app.

Aria Vetri Hardware Supply
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It's an excellent app. I just wish they had better support hours. Would be 5 stars

Statewide Supply
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BSS Commerce已回复 2023年10月3日

Thank you so much for such a valuable review.

It has been our pleasure to help you out so far. If you might need any further support, don't hesitate to contact us again at sales@bsscommerce.com and our agents will be right there.

Wish your business all good!


Just started using the app, so can't talk about the success yet, but I can tell that the set-up was really straightforward, and the help we got from Joy as customer support was really quick and good.

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BSS Commerce已回复 2022年12月12日

Thank you so much for such a valuable review.

It has been our pleasure to help you out so far. If you might need any further support, don't hesitate to contact us again at sales@bsscommerce.com and our agents will be right there.

Wish your business all good!


Was difficult first setting up but that may be due to the fact we have around 1300 products to manage. I can imagine it being a lot easier with a smaller store. The customer service from Emma is excellent and she always has rapid replies even with the time zone difference (7 hours). There were a few features which needed tweaking for them to work such as the Autotag feature but it was quickly resolved and works okay now thanks to the Tech guy. Helpful advice and easy steps to follow.

One thing to improve on would be when editing the rules you have to edit them one by one or you can upload a spreadsheet but it means replacing the current rules and they won't come into play unless the new rules have higher priority so I would suggest when starting to put all rules on 99 (Lowest priority). There should be some way to edit your rules in bulk. Also, if your CSV file is wrong, the app will only tell you one error at a time which means uploading the CSV files countless times until all errors are resolved instead of the app telling you all errors at once. The price is slightly high but the app does come with a lot of different helpful features on the advanced plan.

Highly recommend if you're looking to create different prices for different customers without setting up a whole new website!

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BSS Commerce已回复 2023年5月16日

Thank you for your wonderful rating!

We are pleased to hear that our agent is excellent with rapid replies, and that the Autotag issue was quickly resolved. We are really happy that you found the app's features helpful and easy to follow, and appreciate your feedback on the areas where we may improve.

We appreciate you taking the time to leave your review, and are glad that you recommend our app to others. We hope you continue to have a great experience with it. Thank you so much again!


J'ai installé l'application il y a déjà quelques mois. Le support technique est disponible pour me guider dans l'installation et le paramétrage de l'application. Encore aujourd'hui, Jonas et Hoa Duong m'ont accompagné dans la mise en place des options, un grand merci pour leur professionnalisme.

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BSS Commerce已回复 2022年1月18日

Thank you.

We hope that you will keep supporting our app in the long term.

Don’t forget to reach the team at sales@bsscommerce.com anytime you are in need.



Pricing rules not available at variant level. App can not increment or decrement the prices of variant skus independently, they are all tie up with parent.

Alabama Wholesale Socks
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BSS Commerce已回复 2023年2月26日

Hi there, so sorry for the bad experience that you were facing.

However, we have double-checked carefully with our team and it seemed like you have been using another app to setup your sale price which might have affected your Buy It Now button. Also, when customers haven't logged-in, we couldn't see any Buy It Now button. In this case, may we please know if you are using Buy Now button from another app or it's from the theme default or you guys have customized it?

Regarding the CP is not available at variant level, we are really sorry for this. However, this is a huge function which would require quite many resources to search and deal with. And currently, our team is still researching to seek for a proper solution to update this feature. At the same time, Joy will continue support you our best with your case.

Many thanks for your understanding!


Josephine and Trinh Viet Anh did a great job of getting our store configured and working properly. They were quick to respond and did a great job all around.

Creative Sports
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