B2B/Wholesale Solution by BSS

B2B/Wholesale Solution by BSS

BSS Commerce

B2B Custom Pricing, Quantity Breaks, Auto Tags, Registration

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Wholesale & VIP Price Section

Discounted/Custom Price is applied only to specific B2B or Wholesale customers, signed-in, tagged, and not show to anyone else.

EASY Configuration

We build the app for non-tech-savvy merchants to setup in a minute. NO THEME CODE Modification, NO DUPLICATE VARIANTS. Script-tag using

Compatibility with Themes

Even better, the compatibility between the app and theme is carefully checked in advance to ensure that features run flawlessly.

B2B/Wholesale Solution by BSS 정보

What to Expect from B2B Solution?

1. Create custom registrations to separate customers from the start

  • Expand the default form with more fields (EU VAT validation; checkboxes; Dropdown; Radio options; Date; Text; etc.)
  • Create separate Registration forms besides the default forms
  • Manage all registrations in the grid for further action
  • Review and approve registrations before create a customer account on your store
  • Add a tag for approved customers to manage easily later
  • Open API for 3rd party integration

2. Auto-add tags for customers based on smart conditions

  • Add tags and notes based on “Customer Created”
  • Add tags and notes based on “Order Created”, “Order Paid”, “Order Fulfilled” and “Order Cancelled”
  • Bulk update tags for existing customers
  • Add Auto Tags based on Custom Fields

3. Set up prices for products based on customers/customer tags

  • Set up discounted prices for products/collections based on tags
  • Set the prices to a specific amount
  • Reduce the prices by a specific percentage
  • Reduce the prices by a specific amount
  • Import/Export Price Rules
  • Public API for 3rd integration

4. Set up tier-discount based on product quantities in orders

  • Set up tier discounts based on quantities of variants, products, and orders
  • Design a tier-pricing table to show on product pages and cart pages
  • Validate EU VAT IDs in real-time and automatically deduct VAT for customers with valid IDs.
  • Tax ID saved on Order Note/Order Attributes

5. Tax exemption for validated EU VAT numbers/ABN validation

  • Validate EU VAT IDs in real-time and automatically deduct VAT for customers with valid IDs.
  • Tax ID saved on Order Note/Order Attributes
  • Including / Excluding Tax Displayed on Product Page
  • Validate ABN for Australian businesses

6. Advanced Minimum Order Amount

  • Restrict customer's checkout if minimum order quantity/amount is not reached.
  • Work on the Cart page and the Buy It Now button.

7. Discount Code

  • Create Discount Code for customers to enter at Cart page.
  • Easily add Discount Code for B2B Customers
  • Integrated with Draft Order and Shopify

8. Multiple Currency

  • Automatic currency switcher
  • No coding

9. Add Fields to Order/Draft Order

  • Add any information to the Draft Order technique
  • Add Order Notes automatically
  • Easily integrate with 3rd apps on the cart page

10. Manual Order from the admin backend

  • Create orders with custom pricing/quantity breaks for your customers right from the Backend.
  • Easily manage custom order

More advanced features coming soon


  • Login to Access Page,
  • Product Labels Pro,
  • Dealer Store Locator

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Essential Plan


  • UNLIMITED quantity break pricing
  • B2B Registration Form
  • B2B Verify Customers
  • Auto Tags Customers/Orders
  • Add custom notes to order

Advanced Plan


  • Custom Pricing per Customer Tag
  • Im/Ex CP Rules
  • Price Pre-calculation
  • Tax-Exempt
  • B2B Discount Code
  • Minimum Order/Qty Restrict
  • Multi-Currency



  • All Features
  • Open Custom Pricing API for 3rd party integration

Free Forever


  • All features
  • For Development Stores
  • For Stores under Shopify Free Trial

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Crystal Domain

steph was amazing help, great company. app is becoming more and more easy to use, thanks again b2b for saving me money with this wholesale soloution

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 17일

Thank you for your kind words and it is pleased to support you.

Please enjoy the two B2B apps you are using.


Tico Coffee Roasters

We have been looking for an app that lets us do true wholesale with quantity breaks but also individual custom pricing for our clients. And this app is exactly what we needed. And the best we can manually create orders now in the backend for those customers who prefer to call in rather than place their order online.
Installation was easy and the support team is awesome in helping us making some specific adjustments for our needs. We could not be happier.

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 16일

Thank you for your kind words and we're happy that the app works per your requirement.

Please let us know at sales@bsscommerece.com if you need further support from our team.

We are all ears!


Excellent. Very open to ideas and implementing them too! Will definately be using these guys long term

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 15일

Thank you so much. Your encouraging words keep our team forward.

We are all ears to new functions' ideas. Just let us know and so far, your ideas are very helpful and enjoyed by other customers.