B2B/Wholesale Solution

B2B/Wholesale Solution

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B2B Custom Pricing, Quantity Breaks, Auto Tags, Registration

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Wholesale & VIP Price Section

Discounted/Custom Price is applied only to specific B2B or Wholesale customers, signed-in, tagged, and not show to anyone else.

EASY Configuration

We build the app for non-tech-savvy merchants to setup in a minute. NO THEME CODE Modification, NO DUPLICATE VARIANTS. Script-tag using

Compatibility with Themes

Even better, the compatibility between the app and theme is carefully checked in advance to ensure that features run flawlessly.

有關 B2B/Wholesale Solution

What to Expect from B2B Solution?

1. Create custom registrations to separate customers from the start

By default, Shopify allows all customers to create an account, which is great for normal B2C/retail customers.

However, if you run a B2B website, you will want to tightly manage customers from registration. You also need to collect more information to verify and approve their registrations. You can:

  • Expand the default form with more fields (EU VAT validation; checkboxes; Dropdown; Radio options; Date; Text; etc.)
  • Create separate Registration forms besides the default forms
  • Manage all registrations in the grid for further action
  • Review and approve registrations before create a customer account on your store
  • Add a tag for approved customers to manage easily later

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2. Auto-add tags for customers based on smart conditions

Tags are common and critical to categorize customers/products based on their characteristics. Here, we focus on customer tags.

Then, use of Auto Tag feature to:

  • Add tags and notes based on “Customer Created”
  • Add tags and notes based on “Order Created”, “Order Paid”, “Order Fulfilled” and “Order Cancelled”
  • Bulk update tags for existing customers
  • Add Auto Tags based on Custom Fields

3. Set up prices for products based on customers/customer tags

With the Custom Prices features, you can:

  • Set up discounted prices for products/collections based on tags
  • Set the prices to a specific amount
  • Reduce the prices by a specific percentage
  • Reduce the prices by a specific amount

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4. Set up tier-discount based on product quantities in orders

Apart from discounts on individual products, B2B sellers also want to create tiered pricing & volume discounts at checkout to encourage order values.

Our app will help:

  • Set up tier discounts based on quantities of variants, products, and orders
  • Apply various discounts: fixed prices, fix percentage reduction & fix amount reduction
  • Design a tier-pricing table to show on product pages and cart pages
  • Validate EU VAT IDs in real-time and automatically deduct VAT for customers with valid IDs.
  • Tax ID saved on Order Note/Order Attributes

5. Tax exemption for validated EU VAT numbers

  • Validate EU VAT IDs in real-time and automatically deduct VAT for customers with valid IDs.
  • Tax ID saved on Order Note/Order Attributes
  • Including / Excluding Tax Displayed on Product Page

6. Advanced Minimum Order Amount

  • Restrict customer's checkout if minimum order quantity/amount is not reached.
  • Work on the Cart page and the Buy It Now button.


  • Login to Access Page,
  • Product Labels Pro,
  • Dealer Store Locator

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定價 14 天免費試用

Essential Plan

每月 $25

  • Create UNLIMITED quantity break pricing
  • B2B Registration Form Builders
  • B2B Verify Customers
  • Auto Tags Customers/Orders

Advanced Plan

每月 $50

  • Unlimited Custom Pricing per Customer
  • Price Pre-calculation
  • Tax Incl/Excl
  • Tax-Exempt
  • Minimum Order Amount
  • 99% of Shopify theme support

Free Forever


  • All features
  • For Development Stores
  • For Stores under Shopify Free Trial

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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This app works great and saved us money. Their tech support is excellent you just need some patience with the time difference but they have helped me get everything running well. We are also suing their B2B Login Access Management app.


English: The app has so many great features. While we only use about 2/3 of them, it has helped us a lot in finding complex solutions for our B2B businesses. Also, the support is really great! Quick responses and knowledgeable help. Thanks! :)
Die App hat so viele großartige Funktionen. Zwar nutzen wir davon nur etwa 2/3, jedoch hat das uns sehr dabei geholfen, komplexe Lösungswege für unsere B2B-Geschäfte zu finden. Auch ist der Support richtig klasse! Schnelle Antworten und kompetente Hilfe. Danke! :)

WDW Shop

5/5 Stars!! This B2B App works well on all ends and has many features that are pretty useful for a B2B Shop. We use the custom pricing as well as the quantity break pricing and everything is working fluently with the Shopify checkout. The registration process is great too, we can approve a customer, before he can buy at a discounted price. The Support and Developer Team is simply great, too! Steph and her Team were exceptional in customizing the App to our needs. They answered really quick and could manage all our input. Leorio did a great job in every aspect and could solve every customization that we needed (he worked overtime to help us!!). On the whole, this B2B Wholesale Solution is an absolute recommendation, if you want to customize your B2B shop to your needs. The price is absolutely fair for the great features they offer!