Exchange your product or service to fullfil your business need

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Get more customer engagement

By customer sending you trade offers you will have more personal engagement and they will tell their friends about this trade button option.

Solve business needs

You can solve your own business needs, by listing what you are looking for, example:influencer, marketing, SEO expert etc.

Be part of a community

We will list your business on our website. You can also choose that we showcase your business on our social media channels to get it viral!

关于 Barter


  1. You have more conversion and engagement with customers, even if you cannot agree to a trade offer you can talk to them.  One of the most important aspects of business is to talk to your customers and build a relationship with them.
  2. Solve your business needs, say what you are looking for, and trade your product/service with somebody who has your needs. Example: Influencer, Marketing, SEO expert etc.
  3. Trade button matches your store template and is on the add product page.
  4. Barter/Trade community and we help you grow your business, you can email us to showcase your business and say that you as a business are open to trade offers and we will share it on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, pinterest, tumblr, twitter etc.
  5. Lead generation. Every offer made on your site requires the customer to enter their email.
  6. You can trade away products which are not selling well and still get back something.

Why baartr

Business owners as well as customers have both the same need, saving cash! How can you get your business needs? How can the online customer get your product? The answer is trading/ bartering. Both can get creative and interact with each other.The online customer will come to your site and see they have a trade option button on the product page, and they will communicate that with their friends so you get more customers. They will send you a trade offer you can agree on, or make a counter offer but even if you don't agree on a trade, the online customer will get to know your product/service and might eventually buy it! Remember if you agree on a trade, both parties are happy and the happier they are the more they will talk about your online store.








5.0 评分


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Gold Slabs Sports Cards

I have been using this extension for about 2 months now and am super happy with it. It is simple, customizable, and the team at Barter are here to help me with any issues. I suggested a way to make the experience better for my store, and their team implemented that change. I highly suggest giving this app a try!


I used this app to connect with my business. I found out that this networking profile has improved my image in the e-commerce field. Great app.

Swanky D's

I used the app to find talent. The company was very speedy and attentive. My ad was on their website and social media platforms within a few hours of me emailing my inquiry. I highly recommend the app!