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Personalized Recommendations Your Customers Will Ask For

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Personalized recommendations

Display personalized recommendations to your store's visitors and regular customers. Fits your theme: Web, Tablet and Mobile.

Higher conversions and sales

Increase average order value and revenue for your online store. Manage within Shopify Admin: Even on the road with Shopify mobile app!

Flat montlhy fee

Flat monthly charge - not a percentage of your hard-earned sales. We are also offering you a free 30-day trial.

About babelbot

Use Personalized Recommendations To Achieve Higher Conversion Rates & More Sales

Personalized Recommendations by babelbot allows you to display recommended products to your store’s visitors and regular customers.

It leverages data from past orders, store navigation events and intent/satisfaction analysis to build a machine-learning recommendations model that can present tailored and personalized recommendations for each one of your customers – and explain why the recommendation is relevant using natural language.

Similar technology has been used by large e-retailers to significantly increase their sales – now you can too!

Types of Recommendations

The following types of recommendation containers can be enabled for your store’s pages:

  • **Recommended Just For You** – Based on your visitor’s shopping and navigation history – we match his interests to patterns of product categories, types and tags.
  • **You Might Also Like** – Based on product features and the patterns of how other visitors have been interested in a certain product, we recommend other products for which a high degree of correlation has been discovered.
  • **Frequently Bought Together** – These recommendations aim to up-sell and cross-sell customers by providing product suggestions based on the current products in their shopping cart, and past affinity patterns uncovered in other order’s line items.
  • **Trending Now** – Based on the recent trends of all your visitor’s shopping and navigation history, we uncover which products are getting the most traction and popularity.
  • **You Have Liked** – Based on your visitor’s feedback, we can keep track of products they have liked. You can use this type of recommendation container to display a wish-list or list of favorites. We also use dislike feedback to avoid recommending products which your customer’s have stated they are not interested in.
  • **You Have Visited** – Like breadcrumbs, we display the list of most recent visited products. This may be useful for a more streamlined navigation experience.

Measure How Recommendations Convert Into Sales

Within Shopify Admin you will access charts and reports that display key metrics outlining the overall impact of the App, including Click-Through-Rate, Conversion Rate and Revenue from Conversions.

We Will Support You and Welcome Feedback

Our support team will be available to support you with the App configuration and to provide suggestions based on our experience.

We also love feedback! You do have a word in what new features the App will be delivering in the months ahead.

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Pricing 30-day free trial


* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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