Adealy ‑ Make a new deal

Adealy ‑ Make a new deal

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Increase sales by gamifying the user's experience

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Higher conversion rates

Offering the users a way of making a new deal for their favorite product will increase the customer engagement and conversion rates.

Automated instant response

The user will get notified right away with a counter offer, by closing the sale or a refusal. No need for you to take additional steps.

Easy customization

Full and easy customization of the styles for all the visual elements and discount rule's options.

À propos de Adealy ‑ Make a new deal

About Adealy "Make a new deal" App

Benefits of Adealy

  1. Higher Conversion Rates. Giving the user the ability to make a new deal resulting in a lower price for his favorite product will increase the conversion rates.
  2. Increase User Engagement. Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. By adding new elements to interact for the user will keep the customer on the page. This can also influence your SEO in a positive way.
  3. Easy app setup. No coding needed.
  4. Full Customization of Visual Elements. Once installed our app will automatically get your store's styles and apply them on the visual elements of the app. If you still need more style customization you can do it effortlessly from the app. If something doesn't work right or is not displayed don't hesitate to contact support trough email or support page in the app.
  5. Full Customization of Pricing Rules. Rules can apply for all products, collections, products, variants, vendors, product types, tags, sku codes. You can also exclude from added price rule's products. You can choose a maximum quantity per order, pricing ranges, percentage or fixed amount discount types.
  6. Automated Instant Response. No need to approve customer offers. The customer will receive an instant response based on the rules you set. The deal will be closed, he will get a counter offer or will be refused.
  7. Monthly reports with total sales, quantity done through Adealy app.

How it works?

Once you setup a rule and enable it, depending on the settings you choose there are three visual elements that can appear on the product's page. A button near the "add to cart" button, a banner or the "present" sidebar sticky button on the left. If one of these are clicked a modal is displayed that gives the user the possibility to make a new deal for the product they want.

The modal can also be displayed without requiring the user to click by setting a timed offer or at the user intent of leaving the viewport.

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Installation gratuite

0.8% of the offer amounts that convert to a fully paid order. (Offers with no sale are FREE & unlimited).

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