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Bewerkt 6 april 2022

UPDATE: The developer responded to my review, apologized, and added new features to the app to prevent emails from being sent automatically when the # of people on the waitlist exceeds the inventory quantity, which is what caused the issue in our case. I'm updating my review due to their responsiveness in correcting the issue. This app just just emailed 2,000 people and told them our products were back in stock when they were not, and then the app just crashed (504 error when I try to access it) so I can't even get into the app so I can email those customers and apologize.

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Hengam heeft geantwoord 4 april 2022

We apologize for what happened to you, we will do our best to fix the problems. We are happy to contact us to resolve the issue via chat or email

15 februari 2022

I'm honestly confused by the amount of positive reviews. Just to preface - the app does work. The support was incredibly quick to reply to my questions. The app was really easy to get up and running. This is the reason for the 3 stars instead of 1. However, how can you guys charge $59 to edit the email? That's just extortionate. Then once you pay that you realise you can't really customise the email unless you know how to use HTML. There is no dedicated builder or anything. So basically you're charging $59 per month for the "added functionality of building the email", but then you don't offer an email builder so the functionality isn't even there. I ended up just using Klaviyo instead (I already use Klaviyo for CRM and this function is free to add, offers more customisability and offers the possibility to build flows and more...). Not to mention it integrates very well with the theme out of the box with no editing necessary. So yes, 3 stars because it's easy to install, it works, and support is great. If it wasn't for this it would be a sold zero. I strongly recommend everyone just uses their Klaviyo account instead...

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