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Redigeret 26. april 2024

Thank you for the help. We are up and running and it is working great. Thank you to the support team.

Hi Army Museum Society Store
7 dage bruger appen
Blessify Infotech svarede 22. april 2024

As we checked, you have setup the notification form from other app and you are trying to get notification form our app, please setup our app on your store and check again.

20. december 2023

Love their support, and also the app. I really recomended. So easy to use, and also helps us to increase our sales
Mere end et år bruger appen
Blessify Infotech svarede 21. december 2023

We are glad to have such words for our app and team, it's really inspiring us to serve better.
Thank you so much!!

Redigeret 30. december 2023

Edit: CEO blackmailed me to remove this review over multiple accounts. I had to repeatedly block them.
They still have this app listed as "Free" and ITS NOT FREE.
They then agreed to give me the free plan and REMOVED IT after two weeks. Greedy unproffesional behaviour.

The app is simple and good to implement, however i cant stand apps that have actual hidden pricing.
This is listed as "Free". Thats it unless you visit a secondary page with the real details. Sketchy and not good.
Today we received a mail saying that many emails werent sent cause we exceeded the 50 emails limit. What limit? Upgrade to 8€ a month?
I think its not right to trap us not telling what pricing is, losing all subscription done by clients with your app and being unable to move to another with legit and transparent pricing.
I would recomend if it wasnt because i had this not planned, as its not listed anywhere.
Bad practice in my opinion so i wouldnt recommend.

6 måneder bruger appen
Blessify Infotech svarede 31. oktober 2023

I think you didn't checked while installation, there's no hidden price added, it was listed as free and it's "Free" while some time of duration but not all the time, If you want premium plan then in Free then you can ask for by our support. Please do not spoil our app credits just because of some misunderstanding.

4. juni 2023

I've been using this App for just over 6 weeks and love it! It's fully customizable, and I now have the ability to direct my customers to using the 'notify me' feature to indicate to us what THEY want us to restock. We're teaching them to rely on that auto email and they're catching on, which drives business and reduces our need to constantly send out a newsletter or post to social media every time we restock things. People who want to know - sign up, and when we restock - they know to come to the shop to buy. As well, I had a question yesterday about how to show a 'thank you for registering' pop up after a customer signs up for a notification. I reached out via email to the App developers and received a response within a short period of time, detailing exactly how I could enable that feature. Couldn't be more pleased with this App and highly recommend.

Serendipity Woods
Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
Blessify Infotech svarede 4. juni 2023

We are glad to have such words for our app and team, it's really inspired us to serve better.
Thank you so much!!

11. december 2023

App works great and the support team is quick and very helpful

2 dage bruger appen
25. maj 2023

Good support!
Good price!
We recommend you to use this app because will help generate more sales.
Good luck to all.

7 måneder bruger appen
Blessify Infotech svarede 25. maj 2023

Thank you so much for your review!
We are very happy to know that our app and support are delivering such positive results and progress for you.

7. august 2023

Quick reply when I needed help. (My mistake)
They were very helpful!
It works very well. I’m glad I found this app.

6 dage bruger appen
Blessify Infotech svarede 8. august 2023

We are glad to have such words for our app and team, it's really inspired us to serve better.
Thank you so much!!

19. oktober 2023

Great app, and great support. Its so nice that the emails automatically get triggered and go out once the product is restocked.

Vegan Black Market
Cirka 20 timer bruger appen
26. maj 2023

Pour le moment je suis vraiment satisfaite, j'ai écris un e-mail suite à un petit problème qui finalement n'était pas de leur faute, ils sont super réactif ! Ils 'mont répondu super rapidement dans la même journée et essayant de trouver une solution.
Au de la de ça, j'aime beaucoup le fait de pouvoir personnaliser les pop-up, tout est personnalisable et c'est top ! J'ai testé 2/3 applications avant celle-ci et pour le moment c'est celle que je préfère ! A voir à l'utilisation !

Ayada Boutique
3 måneder bruger appen
Blessify Infotech svarede 26. maj 2023

Nous sommes reconnaissants d’avoir un client aussi gentil pour notre application et c’est vraiment apprécié pour votre temps d’écrire de si beaux mots pour nous.

20. juni 2023

The app is straightforward to install and really easy to use. Excellent customer support has helped us with all issues we've run into. My company manages 2 brands and we use this app for both!

4 dage bruger appen