Back In Stock Notifier

Back In Stock Notifier

開發者:Blessify Infotech

Restock Notification to Customers

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Out of Stock Alerts

Notify your customers when restock your sold out products.

Drive more sales

Get back your customers by sending notification and increase sales

Automated Emails

No need manual efforts, just one time setup and send automated emails regularly.

有關 Back In Stock Notifier

Our app is also supported Online Store 2.0

Don’t lose sales when your inventory runs out.

This app makes it easy for customers to sign up for a back in stock alert. When you restock products, waiting customers are then alerted instantly to bring them back to your store and complete the purchase. The app will help you to get back your customers from the store again!

Basically when customers visit your store and want to buy any product but unfortunately the product has been sold out in that case you can enable the "Notify Me" button, so that customer can click on the button and add an email address for alert when product (size, color) restocked for sale.

All records will be preserved by app and when the same product is restocked the same time the customer will get the notification on the given email address.

Now customers will get to know about restocking for the same product which he/ she wants to buy and ultimately your sales and revenue will increase.

The all process will be automatically on one time setup, basic steps for automated emails :

  1. Install app on your store
  2. Go to Popups and Button settings and enable popups and button from app
  3. Go to email settings and enable email.
  4. All done!

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  • First 50 emails free
  • Customizable Button and Popup
  • Multiple Popup template
  • Single Email template


每月 $5

  • Unlimited Emails
  • Customizable Button and Popup
  • Multiple Popup template
  • Multiple Email template
  • Customizable From email (sender)
  • Analytic

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

5.0 5 顆星


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back in stock team has great client service and its easy to use plugin. I can totally recommend it. Thanks!

Chain Driven Cycles

Great app, easy to use and customise! Great support from blessifyinfotech when getting the app set up. Thanks guys!

Casemi Tokyo

It's easy to use and customize. Have all the basic features that you'd need! Support is also helpful!