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15. November 2022

Back in Stock has been one of the most important apps we added to our store since day 1. It really helped us to better understand out customer needs. We have a huge product catalogue with more than 1000 skus, and keeping up to date all inventory is complicated. Thanks to Back in stock we never loose a sale…!

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Back in Stock hat geantwortet 29. November 2022

We're happy that our product helps in making your life simpler 🙂. And thank you for your awesome review!

13. März 2023

Generally a very good app. We have been using it for a few years. It works well 99.999% of the time, which is better than most. Once in a million, it does send an erroneous message when the item in question is not back in stock but a message is generated and sent anyway. We tried working out what was causing the error but couldn't pinpoint the problem. As it has only happened on a few isolated instances over the course of a few years, we would still recommend this app overall.
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18. April 2023

We've been using the Back in Stock app pretty much ever since we opened our Shopify store. The app is constantly updated with new features, and the support team is always very responsive.
It gives you great insights when it comes to the demand for your OoS products, helps you identify which products you should bring back, automates the BIS requests from customers and BIS communications to clients once a product is back to help you convert customers down the road.
Great app, great team, great features :)

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22. Juni 2023

Excellent app for keeping customers up to date with items that have been out of stock. System works as expected and provides really valuable insight into demand for products. Ultimately it helps to drive more sales which is what it's all about.

To add to that the customer service is exceptional - queries are answered super speedily and in a very professional and helpful manner - big thanks to Baaqi.

Keep up the great work!

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Bearbeitet am 31. August 2023

The application works perfectly and is very useful for multi-language, as you can customize different templates. It also allows you to pause shipments using labels on products.
The support is great, they are very fast and friendly and can even customize things from the back-end that can't be done from the app itself. They are always willing to help.

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17. August 2023

This app is crucial for us, and it should be for all merchants who manage a lot of SKUs and inventory. We had an issue with email deliverability, but once we reached out to Jorge, he fixed the issue by creating a subdomain. Now, we can rest assured that the notifications go straight to the inbox rather than to spam. A well-deserved 5 stars!

iMotorcycle Japan
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11. Januar 2023

Back in Stock has helped us easily manage the out of stock alerts for our shopify store. Baaqi in particular has been a huge help when we need customer service attention. We will be a long time customer based on the service and quality of this application within shopify!

The Stainless Depot
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Back in Stock hat geantwortet 18. Januar 2023

We're happy to hear this! Thank you for an awesome review!

23. März 2023

I chose Back in Stock from my friend's recommendation and I am SO happy I did. The process was so easy I feel like I clicked 3 buttons and it was integrated! Then, I couldn't figure out how to make sure the "Notify Me" button would show up even if only one size was OOS, so I emailed the team and they fixed it and replied within 5 minutes. So happy I went with this app over the others.

What Lo Wants
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10. Oktober 2022

Pays for itself – absolutely vital to our business. Some of our products tend to have long lead times, and this is exactly what we needed. Not only can we communicate to our customers when the products they're looking for are available, it allows our purchasing team to inform their demand/supply plans. The value for the price is incredible when compared to similar functionality with traditional large volume ESPs, which cost an arm and a leg. We love BIS!

Mud Hole Custom Tackle, Inc.
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Back in Stock hat geantwortet 19. Oktober 2022

We appreciate you taking the time to leave us such a wonderful review!!

8. Februar 2023

Works as expected, with little fuss. One recommendation to new users would be to make sure your minimum inventory thresholds are setup (Campaigns >> Delivery Settings) so that a single unit being made available doesn't send a back in stock notification to 3 people. But otherwise, its ready to go out of the box. Support team was responsive to app install support. Kudos to Baaqi, in particular.

Urban Ambiance
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