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16 avril 2024

too expensive

7 minutes d’utilisation de l’application
Back in Stock a répondu 17 avril 2024

I see that you installed and cancelled the app in 6 minutes - we do also have a free plan available so that users can try the App out first. The free plan can be used indefinitely and does include some notification sending quota.

Modifié le 12 mars 2024

you are not sending emails to our customers when the item comes back in stock !!!

Minnies Boutique
Presque 9 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Back in Stock a répondu 25 mars 2024

Thank you for your review. It looks like notifications were not sending as the settings that you have set in your delivery policy were limiting the ability to send depending on the inventory amount.

This can be changed in the back in stock dashboard under Customize -> Delivery Settings. Once updated and the notifications meet all sending criteria - they will send out!

If you have any problems still please let me know.

5 juin 2023

stopped working: collecting and sending notifications six months ago. Only realized it today... they were billing us for 6 months while the app didn't do anything!

iLevel Lab
Presque 6 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Back in Stock a répondu 8 juin 2023

Hi There,

Apologies for the inconvenience - when changing themes or updating theme, it can be necessary to update the theme integration we use with your store - this shows the button. We would be happy to offer you a full refund for those months though if you get in contact with us.

17 avril 2023

The app stopped working so I emailed their customer service and did not get a response for 24 hours. Normally I would be ok with that, however, they charge $90 a month. During the down time I found an app (Channelwill) for $45 a year that functions the same exact way and their customer service replied back in 5 minutes.

Adept Cosmetics®
Presque 5 ans d’utilisation de l’application
11 avril 2022

I don't understand the positive reviews here. There has been many cases notifications are just not being send out to the customers. Support has confirmed this multiple times saying they are working on it. I gave them one last chance last month, just to see that two weeks after we restocked again 0 notifications were send out. This is not an app that is trustworthy with my business. I need something that does what I pay for.

Plus de 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Back in Stock a répondu 1 mai 2022

Hey there, we are sad to hear that 😔. We have been transparent with any issues we've faced and always look to resolve them as quickly as possible.

In the period you were experiencing this, we were doing massive upgrades to our platform that was affecting the delivery of notifications for some customers. These issues have been resolved also.

Are you still experiencing these issues? What can we do at this moment to turn your 1 star review into a 5 star?

We look forward to hearing from you!

1 août 2022

Been using this app for 2 years, in theory it's great. I love the UI on the website, it has a great set of features with email+SMS. Lots of custom options to make it a great fit for our business. However it fails at one thing, one major thing.. you'll do a restock, have dozens of customers waiting for a notification... and... nothing. The app doesn't send the notifications. You write to support, sometimes they help you and manually send your notifications, sometimes they make you talk and talk and talk without actually fixing the problem. Emails are not being sent, which is the most basic thing this app should do. It's unfortunate, I even signed up a second store, but at this point I can't recommend this app anymore, those bugs are not getting fixed and support isn't able to fix it it either, and we are left with customers not getting their notifications.

Cambio & Co.
Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Back in Stock a répondu 19 août 2022

Hi there, thanks for your review. I'm sorry for your experience with the app's notification delivery. The issue you encountered at the time was a bug which resulted from the Campaigns feature we had launched. Our developers have addressed the issue, and notifications are delivering as they should.

Apart from that issue, if notifications don't send for a stocked product, it's quite likely that the product's catalog id was changed. This happens if the product is renamed or it's settings were changed, and it's saved as a new product. This makes logical sense as to how the link between the product and our app can be broken.

We are able to fix issues like that by transferring the notifications manually. There isn't an automated fix for this, but we're looking into a way to address this easily.

If you have any questions, or ever need any assistance, please feel free to reach out 😊!

31 octobre 2022

I have sent two emails regarding an issue with the app and never got a response back from them. Thus far, this has been the only app we use which has provided subpar customer service. Luckily, there are better alternatives anyway (and cheaper).

Plus d'un an d’utilisation de l’application
Back in Stock a répondu 2 novembre 2022

Hi there 👋🏽 I'm sorry for your experience 😔. I've checked, and I'm seeing where you were responded to each time you wrote in. For some reason, it seems you're not getting our mails.

Did you by any chance happen to check your spam/junk mail folder? Please email us support@backinstock.org so that we can assist you with your issue.

We would never shy away from assisting you! Please reach out so we can give you our speedy and efficient support!

8 octobre 2020

If you need help you are on your own, they recommend that you contact a developer - it is not fair to call it support, sorry.

Plus d'un an d’utilisation de l’application
13 mai 2019

Costs to much for the service provided and not making us much or any money at all. Disappointed in the months we have spend so much money for it.

Environ un an d’utilisation de l’application
Back in Stock a répondu 27 mai 2019


Thank you for reaching out and your feedback. We would be happy to go over any problems or issues you had to see if we can remedy a solution - we tried sending you an email on May 15th but have not received a reply - if you can contact us on support@backinstock.org we would be happy to assist further.

Modifié le 13 avril 2023

Great App. Generates a good amount of what would have been missed revenue had we not had the app. Highly recommend.

***Updated. Unfortunately, I had to lower the score. Restock notifications are no longer sending instantly or near instantly. They are taking at least 30 mins. to hours. This is bothersome because it causes us to think something is wrong and we spend an unnecessary amount of time trying to trouble shoot.

They also have a "chat" service but no one is ever available, so it turns into just an "email us" feature.

***Update again. Restocks not sending, we have to contact support every time we have an inventory update. We will not be renewing our membership.

Jekyllhyde Apparel
Environ un an d’utilisation de l’application