Malabi background remover

Malabi background remover

by ArtInCam LTD

Automatically removes the background from your images

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5 reviews


Would give 0 if I could. We paid for the maximum amount of background removals subscription plan (and we haven't come close to using up our credits) and it is currently not letting us remove backgrounds during the busiest shopping season of the year. If you want to have business come to a grinding halt, sign up for this terrible service with non-existent customer support.
By the way, this is not the first time this has happened.

The Reworks

I also paid for the 200 image credits, however now I am trying to upload new images and it says I have 0 image credits left. This is disappointing because I was enjoying this app and how much easier it makes my job but now I have to waste time waiting for a response from the support team.


We have paid a plan of 200 photos, and now that I'm still editing it tells me that we do not have credits. throws me as a result 0, and the month is not over yet. also we have only used 20 photos of 200. As we may have to pay again if you have not used the whole and the month has not finished, if you want to see it that way.


This program is close to being the best, as this is also close to being the worst, because after all its excellent tools, it seems that the collection management and work history is obsolete, we do not have the history of the amount of credits used , they simply discount each one, but as it is possible that twice already I have more than 150 credits and from one moment to another I have 0. How is it possible?. if they are an excellent program. because they want to be the worst on this issue? twice ... how many times does it have to happen? we do not want to be given or rewarded each time it happens. We simply want to use the total credits we pay. that is why you offer the plans, otherwise they will give you what the business is like then!

Pure Hearts International

The app doesn't appear to work on Android smart phones. I'm using Oppo F1 Plus.


DO NOT use this app and save tons of time,extra work and money.

I did try what this peoples calls the free periode.After a few mintits they blocked the free version and claimed me for payments. 1 dollar each image. The vuerst app I have seen and used in a million yers. I dont know how many immages this crap did destroyd, but it took me several hoers trying to fix tham, with no luck.I had to delete tham all and reinnstall all of thouse immages to the store.And this app is not the only one that do not work.Most of the apps here dosent work as they should. Actually the very woerst of using apps I have seen in my 60 yers on this planet.