Bad Customer

Bad Customer

av Outlander

Reduce buyer fraud, chargebacks, and avoid serial-refunders.

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We identify bad customers.

Bad Customer analyzes a customer's refund and chargeback history with other websites and warns you before you ship.

Automatic order tagging.

Set individual thresholds on when suspect orders should be tagged, and (optionally) configure your warehouse so you don't ship those orders.

Designed by Sellers.

Many chargebacks are from the actual card owner, not identity thieves. Tools that focus on detecting stolen cards don't usually catch these.

Om Bad Customer

Identify problem customers before you ship.

Bad Customer helps you avoid shipping goods to customers who have a habit of charging back their purchases or making excessive refund requests. We say enough is enough.

Bad Customer isn't like other anti-fraud tools.

Most anti-fraud tools use algorithms to try to look for suspicious activity. We think the solution is much less complicated; we identify the "bad customers" by looking at their chargeback history with other sites. If a lot of chargebacks or refunds are associated with that customer or the address they're sending their goods to, we'll warn you and you can decide whether you still want to ship the order or cancel it.

Banks profit from buyer fraud.

Ever wonder why it's so hard to win a dispute? Because credit card companies profit when their customers commit fraud against sellers. In fact, it's so common that the banks even have a name for it: Friendly Fraud. This is why credit card companies almost always side with their customer, even when evidence overwhelmingly favors the seller.

Smart Order Tagging

We've added a few other features too, like the ability to automatically tag orders where the total exceeds a certain amount or quantity of items, orders containing PO Boxes, or even where the bill-to and ship-to addresses are in different states. We're always evaluating new features.

Sellers helping other sellers.

Lots of apps and websites help customers avoid bad sellers, so we thought it was time an app came along that helped sellers avoid bad customers. By installing the Bad Customer app, you aren't just helping your own business prevent chargebacks -- you're also helping other sellers avoid them too.





5.0 av 5 stjärnor

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Definitely a clever approach to fraud detection. Great app! Our Shopify store syncs with our warehouse automatically, so even if we did notice something that seemed suspicious, the warehouse had usually already packed and shipped it. We were able to configure our 3PL to ignore orders with the bc_warning tag so they didn't automatically ship and can just remove the tag if we want to take the risk and ship it anyway.


Great, simple app. Installed it a few days ago and has already saved me from fraudulent customers. Recommended :)


Does what it says. Sneaky customer had a new email and billing address but the same ship-to address and was trying to rip us off again. This app caught it and tagged the order.