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  • Graphic information that increases conversions
  • Add your own Badges/Product Stickers
  • Apply Badges in Bulk


Developed by JST Technologies

**** This application is currently in testing mode. Please write us your queries through "Get Support" button. We will be happy to assist you in providing our support for FREE ! ****

**** UPDATE **** We have updated the app to new version addressing many bugs and most importantly speed of the badges loading, but this requires the shop owners to re-install the app. This is mandatory for existing users to re-install the app so that you can enjoy the new version without any issue. New users won't need re-installation.

Features List

  • Graphic information that increases conversions

  • No designer or coder required

  • Add your own Badges/Product Stickers

  • Customize Text

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Choose from a library of product stickers/badges or upload your own sticker to product images real quick and easy. Our library keeps growing.

Badgify is a Shopify app that allows you to add, upload and customize product stickers  or badges. It allows you to add stickers to product images the quick and easy way. You can customize sticker size and color and add suitable text. No web design or development skills required. Badgify helps you communicate better and turn visitors into customers. It helps you increase sales and traffic.

Stickers Customisation

You can customize Badgify stickers in the following ways:

  • Choose their shape from many shapes available

  • Change product sticker size

  • Customize and change labels/text at any time

  • Use dynamic text in badge text like product discount (in % or amount)

  • Advance in-line css styling available for badge creation, which unlocks unlimited possibilities


Que.  My store contains 4,000 products. Can I add a sticker to each product?

Ans.  Yes, you can. There’s no limit.

Que. What will show up if I do not apply a sticker on many products?

Ans.  A global sticker that carries the discount percentage will show up. Badgify calculates the discount % (the difference between the retail price and selling price), converts it into a percentage and displays it on the product image.

Que. Can I select a bunch of products and add the same sticker to each?

Ans.  Yes, this version have this feature.

Que.  Do you provide support in installation and configuration ?

Ans.  Yes, feel free to email us at info@jst-technologies.com

Badgify reviews (14)


Won't even install for me and I've tried multiple times.


It's exactly what I needed but it doesn't work. Runs way too slow to be productive and badges aren't showing up. Will have to try something else.


Great idea, however runs very slow and badges don't seem to show up on shop


Spent a lot of time "customizing" badges and they still did not work. It shows in one position when setting it up, another position when previewing it, and another position on the actual shop. Definitely needs more work.


Works ok with a few minor issues. The new update fixed most of the critical issues. Sometimes, a badge doesn't want to be replaced or removed.
Here is a live demo for christmas badges: www.vapearound.co.nz


Doesn't work et al. I tried all possible ways. Takes ages to load and perform and even if you wait that long, still doesn't work.


I installed it & its just stalling..


OK-Updated review after fixes..... so two days ago I installed the app and there were issues and it apparently had bugs because the labels were not displaying. I contacted the developers and support. Today, they notified me the bugs were fixed and the app should be working. I tested it and applied it to all the sale products on my website and it is working beautifully. I hope it keeps improving and getting better.

Their labels are awesome and it shows you exactly what the actual product will look like with each one of the different labels in the customize option. The customize option has a lot more label options than the Global.

To the developer - you should add all the different labels in the customize section to the Global. So far, I really love the style, look of the labels and it is working nicely with my products in my store www.reefsoutlet.com if you want to check out what the labels I selected look like.


I think this app has potential, but there is no guidance as to what file type I should be using to create my own badges. When customizing the badge the image i uploaded (PNG) shows, but when I go to assign or publish the badge to a product - it doesn't display the image/badge I uploaded. It's just a blank badge.

I will keep my eye on this app for future use, but it's clearly not ready for use in stores.


I like it , too bad it adds loading time to every page .
That makes it unusable to me , would use it without a doubt if that want a problem.


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