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BADR Salesman - Personalized Recommendations

BADR Salesman - Personalized Recommendations

Developed by BADR

Price: Free – $70.00 / month More info
  • Increase your sales by offering personalized recommendation based on real “Data Science”.
  • Fully customizable widget layout.
  • FREE plan for life time.

BADR Salesman works behind the scenes, monitoring each customer's page views, ratings, purchases...
Working on complex Data Science to study each customer's behavior and gets back with personalized recommendations for each of them.

"Personalized recommendations will let every customer of yours feel special."


Increase your sales:

BADR Salesman acts as an adviser to your customers, by understanding the preferences and shopping patterns,
he is capable of offering personalized recommendations that suit each individual customer.

Satisfy your customers:

BADR Salesman points each customer to the products that he will find interesting the most.
He ensures that every single one of the customers is satisfied and engaged in a way that makes him feel special.

Salesman is here to help you:

Working behind the scenes, monitoring each customer's pageviews, ratings, purchases, working on complex data science to study each customer's behaviour.
BADR Salesman will help you increase your revenues by acting as a personalized recommender.

Start now for FREE:

Boost your sales right away with our free plan and zero setup time. You can always upgrade your plan later or just stick with the free plan for upto 10,000 requests.



Main Features:

  • Recommended for you:

    For regular visitors.

    • Based on customers’ interaction on your website.

    • Personalized experience for each customer.
  • Cart Recommendations:

    For customers who already decided to buy.

    • pushing customers to purchase multiple products instead of one.

    • If you are buying a camera, a smart salesman will show you a memory card and a tripod suitable for it.


  • Related products/ more like these:

    For browsing customers.

    • Increases exposure for the rest of products you are offering.

    • Helps your customers view the variety, which speeds up the purchase decisions.

  • Top sellers:

    For customers interested in following trends… Who isn’t?

    • Enhances your brand image; showing your strengths and Top selling products.

    • Builds up customers’ interest in products.

  • People who viewed this also viewed/ Bought this also bought:

    For every shopper

    • Lets your customers know what they are going to need next.

    • Helps you increase the number of items sold per order.

  • Recently viewed:

    For customers in need of a reminder.

    • Enhances the personalized experience, “I know you, and I know what you’ve been looking for”.

    • Most customers view products that they are interested in, but may not purchase immediately.
      When “Late is better than never” it is the best practice to remind them of their own interests.

  • ______________________________________________________________________


    BADR Salesman continuously reports his progress in terms of products sold, orders delivered, customers acquired, and revenue.




    • Up to 10,000 Impressions / Month

    • Unlimited products

    • All widgets


    • Up to 30,000 Impressions / Month

    • Unlimited products

    • All widgets


    • Up to 60,000 Impressions / Month

    • Unlimited products

    • All widgets


    • Up to 100,000 Impressions / Month

    • Unlimited products

    • All widgets


    For more info:

Free – $70.00 / month

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