Balidrop ‑ dropshiping

Balidrop ‑ dropshiping


Sell Abundant Chinese Products Without Inventory Pressure


Open tools

Access to Chinese goods, centralized management of all stores

Intelligent selection

Intelligent selection Adopt big data analysis to recommend hot selling products and products with Chinese characteristics

information support

It has an independent IT team, docking with mainstream e-commerce platforms, shopping malls, independent stations and industrial parks

有關 Balidrop ‑ dropshiping

Who are we?

Wuhan Yangshan Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative logistics technology enterprise integrating e-commerce and logistics. Since its establishment, adhering to the purpose of "data + technology driven logistics", it is committed to providing one-stop software services, inventory management, supply chain procurement and international logistics and transportation services for global retailers.

What can we do for you?

Balidrop connects with the global mainstream e-commerce platforms, B2B malls, various independent stations and offline industrial belts, and has a massive SKU library. As long as you have an online store and promote it locally, you can sell goods from China with zero inventory.

  1. Massive SKU, free selection
  2. Big data analysis, intelligent recommendation
  3. Mature information system, support personalized customization

How to use our tools?

By installing our app in your Shopify store and registering a Balidrop account, products from China can be posted to your store for sale



  • 隱私政策



You may have to pay the price of the item to the AliExpress supplier, but Balidrop is completely free.

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