Optimized Discount Codes

Optimized Discount Codes

Bandit ML

Use AI to figure out who gets a discount, for how much & when.

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Boost profit & retention

We use AI to figure out the right discount code amount to send, or not send, every customer via email that maximizes profit & retention.

Stop overspending on discounts

Don't send a customer $15 off when $5 off works equally well. We send codes that drive incremental sales and let you set frequency & budget.

Automatically sent via email

Discount codes are emailed automatically to your customers at the best time via Klaviyo. All codes are single use & customer specific.

Optimized Discount Codes 정보

Automate your discounting strategy using machine learning.

Bandit ML figures out the right discount code to send, or not send, to every customer via email that maximizes your store's profit & retention.

Personalize your offers

Don't send a customer a $20 off code when a $5 off code would incentivize them equally well. We use machine learning to learn customers' likelihood to buy to make sure discounts have the most impact with minimal cost.

Make the most of your budget

Remain in control of your discount code spend by setting spending & frequency constraints. Our algorithm maximizes results without exceeding your budget or over-discounting your brand.

Protect your profit

All discount codes created by Bandit ML are single-use and unique per customer. This means that if your codes end up on Honey or RetailMeNot, no one else can use them.

Make more money

Our recommendations aim to increase your store's profit and get better over time. As Bandit ML runs we are able to learn what offer each customer should get and when they should get it.

Seamless Klaviyo integration

Send beautiful promotional offers to your customers through Klaviyo. Use our built-in templates that let you get up and running with Bandit ML quickly. We use Klaviyo tags to ensure Bandit ML's email activity doesn't interfere with any of your existing flows.

How does it work?

  1. Define a few discount code amounts for Bandit ML to choose from. For example: $2, $5, and $10 off. Also, set a few constraints around how often Bandit ML can send discounts and how much Bandit ML can spend.

  2. We constantly analyze your customers' shopping behavior to figure out the best offer per customer. For example, Joe is an active customer and doesn't need an incentive. Neha hasn't purchased in a while, so we will send her an email with a discount code for $2 off her next order.

  3. We continuously send offers via Klaviyo when the numbers say it is beneficial to your store to do so. We provide slick default Klaviyo email templates to get you up and running quickly, or you can use your own template to wrap the offer.

  4. See how Bandit ML is performing in the analytics dashboard or pick a plan that supports A/B testing to compare Bandit ML vs. your existing discounting strategy.


  • Klaviyo

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  • Machine learning powered
  • Single-use discount codes
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Default email templates



  • Machine learning powered
  • Single-use discount codes
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Default email templates
  • Automatic A/B testing
  • 24/7 priority support

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