Barcode Printer

Barcode Printer

by Shopify

Print and export Dymo barcode labels from Shopify.

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The Line Boutique

-5 stars How could this get worse than abysmal. (it happened today) Continuous errors for a software upgrade that is not necessary. Cannot operate my business with these incessant glitches. Hours and hours wasted with zero resolution. Going through the Shopify Guru (i.e. talking around in circles) protocol. When will this end?

Avenues Sweet Choices

When it works, it is OK, worth 3 stars. But now with the Safari update to 12.0, it won't work so make that an actual 0 stars for the moment. It's bad enough that those of us who use Chrome for everything have to toggle back and forth to Safari but now no work can be done. When will this update to actually work again?

Jack & Milly

please update dymo software to work with current safari update!!! people use this for business and we cant if it isn’t working!!


Would give this app zero stars if I could; would love the developers to update it so it runs with current versions of safari and I could actually do my job seamlessly.

chic + schwanger

If using windows, don't use this App!! It doesn't work with up-to-date browsers on windows and Developers refuse support as well as fixing the problem even though they got the full Stacktrace of the errors coming up when trying to pring barcodes. If possible I would rate a 0 rather than a 1

The Hidden Acorn

Invest in this product! We certainly did... Slow and unreliable. It is a must have for any brick and mortar business.

Bains de Cléopâtre

The app is horrible. CSV files, only when we dont have safari browser. my app is not assigning the barcodes anyore to my new products. ridiculous to sell barcode printer and POS stuff with a app that inefficient. VERY unhappy of the service too. The refered me to Dymo and dymo is referring me to SHOpify

Rudy's Performance Parts, Inc.

Well, it worked great for a short period of time, now it doesn't. Saying dymo printer isn't installed, which it is. Extremely frustrating!!!!!


this app is driving me absolutely insane. Wish 0 Stars was an option.

Elk Head Clothing

Unfortunately this app is an essential part of running my brick and mortar business and it is complete unreliable. I would say it works 60-70% of the time. How can you run a closed system with inadequate and under developed software?
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