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Price: $5.00 – $25.00 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Allowing your visitors to bargain with you in real time!
  • Set your Bargain range and Accept in range offers automatically.
  • One click installation, no manual work required just set your bargain range and forget!

Bargainly is an automated way of bargaining with your customers in real time, It allows you to set your bargain range in percentage, product price range and accept all bargain offers within these ranges automatically, bargainly also allows you to accept, reject or customize bargain offer manually.

How does it work?

Bargainly allow you to set your rules for bargaining, and then it will bargain with your users in real time.

Bargainly will Allow your users to bargain with you by adding bargain button and popup on your store's product's index page, When a user intends to bargain with you he/she will click the bargain button and a user friendly popup will appear which allow your user to submit his/her custom price quote offer.

When User submit the offer, a Bargain request will be generated to bargainly application, bargainly application will then analyses the request, if the requested
discount offer is within you bargain offer range and product price is within price range it will create a discount code with offered discount using Shopify Price Rule API and give it to
your user in real time, user can use this dicount code to buy this product at His/Her offered price.

If the user asks for a discount greater then your bargain offer range or the product price is out of range, Bargainly will create an offer in pending state add it to your bargainly admin dashboard and inform the user that his/her offer is submitted store owner will contact him/her via given email.
You then can Accept, Reject or can send a custom offer back to user with a single click, if you accept the offer from dashboard an email with a discount code
will be sent to the user, same will happen if you send back a custom offer.

Demo & Appearance

Demo Store for a live preview

Bargainly Offer PopUp is customizable you can add a bargain button beneath Add To Cart Button,
add a bargain button at bottom of page or chose it to appear on page load or when your user intends to leave your store


Bargainly is an automated way of bargaining with your potential buyers in real time, it allows you to set a dynamic
bargain offer range and accept in range offer automatically.

The Following Are Main Features

  • Bargainly allows the store owner to set bargain range and accept bargain offers automatically or manually (Store Owner will accept Offers Manually).

  • Bargainly also allows the store owner to customize bargain PopUp, buttons, and PopUp appearance.

  • Bargainly admin dashboard also allows store owner to locate user location and see all Offer by there genre like accepted, pending or rejected.

  • Bargainly Button and PopUp will use your store color scheme so bargainly buttons and PoUp will look like a part of your store.

  • Bargainly PopUp is user-friendly and allow your user to submit custom price offers
  • Bargainly use Shopify latest Price Rule API to generate Discount codes.

  • Bargainly is secure and error-prone regarding generating discount codes, It will generate discount if the offer is within you bargain range

  • Discount code can be used once with the given email with a two day default expiry time, however, you can change the expiry time from Bargainly Admin Dashboard

  • Bargainly also maintains logs and gives the store owner the
    user logs with the user emails, location and other information on
    Bargainly Admin Dashboard.

  • Bargainly Also give weekly report Email to store Owner with a csv
  • How to Install?

    Bargainly is very simple to install it require you 30 seconds to set everything up.

    • Click on Get Button.

    • Select Your Plan.(after this it will ask for your bargaining settings)

    • Select Your bargain option Automatic On Manual.

    • Set your Bargain Range (5, 10, 15 etc), bargainly will take care of currency itself.

    • Set Product Price Min and Max Value, automatic bargain will be applicable to products within this range
    • That's all You have configured Bargainly Successfully.

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$5.00 – $25.00 / month
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