Batch: Auction Upsell Checkout

Batch: Auction Upsell Checkout

da Batch Commerce

Sell more with checkouts mixing Buy Now & Pay What You Want

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Silent Auction for Shoppers

Let customers make silent offers for items in their cart or in product pages

Choose The Best Offers

Convert batches of offers into immediate sales and clear inventory for immediate cashflow

Boost Checkouts In Seconds

Boost checkouts and up sells for every visit without relying on coupons

Su Batch: Auction Upsell Checkout

Batch is a new tool to run silent auctions on your site. Sell more by letting customers make prepaid offers you can instantly turn into new unfulfilled orders.

Insert Batch anywhere on your website to collect prepaid product offers and boost checkouts. Redeem any offer to instantly create new unfulfilled orders and revenue.

Start collecting for free with the Batch FREE PLAN

What is Batch?

Batch helps you earn more checkouts and up sells from shoppers by making it easy to quickly checkout for items that they want now and make auction style bids/offers for items they would otherwise remove from their cart.

Batch is special because the offers you collect are preauthorized: you can turn them into new sales with just one click, there’s no need to ask the customer to pay after you accept an offer!

Why give everyone 20% off when many customers will buy at 5% off?

Sell off batches of inventory to customers having made purchase offers in just a few moments. Activate the perfect offer for every customer without relying on coupons or markdowns.

Here's how Batch works:

  • Batch is a silent auction button that appears on Product pages and in the Shopping Cart

  • Greatly reduce cart abandonment by helping customers take action on items they’re not sure about (or waiting for a discount on)

  • Shoppers can choose to immediately checkout with Buy Today, Remove From Cart or Make An Offer on anything else

  • Help customers rapidly checkout with a mix of offers and full price items.

  • Collect hundreds/thousands of preauthorized purchases you can activate with one click

  • Manage & review purchase offers you receive across all products in your store

  • Pick & choose which price you want to sell and sell off entire batches of inventory at a time

  • Customer offers that are not activated safely expire after 7 days

  • Sell more products and hit your revenue targets with Batch

Start collecting Batch offers in your store for free, switch to the Pro plan when you're ready to redeem offers.

*Getting started is 20 seconds:* 1. Install Batch, it gets automatically configured for your store 2. Whitelist products for which you want to receive offers 3. Get offers from visitors and customers in a silent auction style checkout 4. Turn as many offers as you want into new sales with just one click from your Batch dashboard

We look forward to helping you grow your sales!

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Free Plan


  • Fast checkout with integrated offers

  • Collect unlimited offers

  • Collect pricing intel

Pro Plan


o $16.67/mese fatturato a $199.99 una volta all'anno

  • Fast checkout with integrated offers

  • Collect unlimited offers

  • Redeem offers for instant revenue

  • Remove Branding

  • Customize to your brand

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Amazing customer service. The app was extremely easy to use especially with their help. I definitely recommend this for anyone that has an online business!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

18 gennaio 2021

Thanks so much! We're glad you're getting value from selling with Batch :)


Great app. Easy to use and lovely developer who is very helpful. Looking forward to seeing where Batch takes us!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

30 dicembre 2020

You're awesome! Thanks for the kind words — we're really passionate about what we're doing, so it feels very natural to be helpful. To your success! 🚀


"Novice" would be a step up for my online skill levels. Mikhael has been quick with responses, explanations are simple and easy to apply. I deal in secondary, one of a kind items. There is no set price and absolutely no way to determine what the market will bear without this app. I look forward to a long happy future together!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

19 dicembre 2020

Thank you Christa, we took look forward to a long and fruitful journey together. Congrats on your first few activations by the way! :)