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Developed by The Bazaar Network

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  • Exclusive discounts to a growing number of stores
  • High quality traffic from users who trust Ecommerce
  • Join the growing network for Ecommerce professional benefits

Creating a rewards program for Ecommerce professionals in the Shopify Network.

The Bazaar Network application is new and innovative. There is no other application like it in the Ecommerce marketplace.

At it's core, The Bazaar Network provides a mechanism for allowing Ecommerce Professionals and online store owners to invite other Ecommerce Professionals and Shop Owners to interact with their site and products through a discount process.

Simply put – It is like the traditional bricks and mortar staff discount: Just on a larger and more global scale.

The Bazaar Network application works in conjunction with our official Chrome Extension – with other Ecommerce platforms and browsers coming on board soon.


As the network grows, every user receives discounts at ALL other online stores within the network. Whether it’s a small untapped niche store, or a globally known general store, all users will receive exclusive discounts provided to The Bazaar Network.

The Bazaar Network application is designed to create benefits for Ecommerce store owners by bringing other Ecommerce Professional visitors to your store via the high quality sales channel.

With only Ecommerce professionals using The Bazaar Network, who are more familiar with the intricacies of marketing and the online shopping process, users see a greater conversion rate than those sites that rely solely on normal shoppers.

The Bazaar Network provides an easy to search Marketplace which is filterable by tags, keywords and local shipping options. These are chosen by every store owner when setting up a profile, and will be relevant to your store, making finding your business even easier.

Best of all … As the network grows, these benefits increase for every Ecommerce Professional and Shopify Store Owner – Meaning more discounts, and more traffic for everyone who is part of the Bazaar Network!

Shop with Privilege:

  1. Once you have downloaded the App from Shopify App store, logged in to your Bazaar Partner account and set up your Ecommerce Profile – you will be listed in the marketplace.

  2. You will be prompted to download the partnered Chrome Extension once you are listed, giving you instant notifications offering all discounts available between partner stores in the network.

  3. The Bazaar Network icon in your extension bar will light up blue when you visit a Bazaar Partnered store.

    You have control:

    The Bazaar Network provides mechanisms that allow you, as an Ecommerce Professional and shop owner, total control over the discounts you invite other Ecommerce Professionals and shop owners to access. These include:

    • Set your own discount vouchers to automatically notify your customers when they are browsing.

    • Have the opportunity to offer multiple types of coupons to Ecommerce Professionals and other Shop Owners.

    • Choose the three best products in your store to advertise on your profile.

    • Add tags to your store so that other stores users can search your products.

    • Define specified categories to get better chance of discovery.

    • Ecommerce Professionals and Shop Owners who are in the Bazaar Network can browse all other stores within the Bazaar Network to find exactly the right product.

    • Coupons codes are randomised and automatically changed every 24 hours to protect coupons from leaving the network.

Bazaar reviews

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I'm really quite amazed by the value from this app. Discounts for stores, And I', hoping to get my first sales since there's currently little competition in this new marketplace. It's pretty great!

Super easy to use and figure out, and their support is always happy to help (I had one issue... but they walked me through the process easily and in a friendly manner)

5/5 would download again.

Oh, and super cheap for what you get!

$3.99 / month
30 days


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