Beacon Fraud Protection

Beacon Fraud Protection

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Chargeback and Fraud Prevention System For High-Risk Orders

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ANALYZE - Fraud Orders

Powerful Data to analyze fraud. Access our massive fraud datasets to detect things like fake phone numbers and other false information.

VERIFY - Risky Customers

Analyze risk based behavior through a 2nd factor verification. Go beyond basic knowledge and track for patterns of unusual activities.

CUSTOMIZE - Fraud System

Set different fraud related parameters and customize the fraud system through automation to help reduce turning down good customers.

Über Beacon Fraud Protection

Take control of your high-risk fraud orders. Beacon specializes in helping eCommerce merchants detect, reduce, and prevent fraud orders and bad actors while not losing out on legitimate customers (false positives) and to help online merchants increase sales and profit by allowing merchants to customize the Ai assisted fraud protection system to further increase the accuracy rate and to automate fraud checks. Beacon uses and combines three-level of technology using big data, advanced digital verification system (SMS and email), and machine learning.

Fraud App Functionality

  • Cancel, hold, or void bad orders.
  • Real-time (instant) fraud analysis for every single order.
  • Works in combination with Shopify's Fraud Filter app.
  • Set/Customize different fraud-related parameters.
  • Automate customer verification using a sophisticated SMS and email system.
  • Blacklist system. (Global Ban).
  • Whitelist system.
  • Auto cancel or hold known fraud accounts.
  • Automated Payment Capture Control System based on risk signals. (Do not capture payment for high-risk orders while automating the payment capture for good orders)

How does your app work with Shopify?

Beacon is constantly monitoring all customer activities and analyzing for any orders with bad data that looks suspicious for things like VoIP, multiple accounts, or an unusually high amount of spending, and many more customizations for each shop.

The system works by ingesting customer information like name, phone number, and other data points and extracts new data that can highlight a risky order. Any bad data detected is displayed through the main data table of Beacon. The longer a merchant has Beacon installed, the more effective the system can be at detecting suspicious activities.

If an additional fraud check is needed, Beacon can send a special and simple text verification message to customers for additional verification checks. Our SMS system is able to extract additional data to better and quickly identify bad actors and allow the merchants to make better-informed decisions.

How will this change the look of my store?

A special verification page is generated when Beacon is installed. This verification page can be found under the template menu with the file name, "pages.verify.liquid".

How do I get started?

Merchants will be prompt with a simple welcome screen to help understand the app based on merchant business needs.



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Risk Management


$0.03 per order.

  • Full access to the fraud management system.
  • No contract commitment
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Pay as you go

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3.7 von 5 Sternen

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House of Carats UK

Useless - £1000 order was not marked as fraud, was 'successfully verified' and a chargeback is open.

Antwort des Entwicklers

7. Januar 2021

Hello, we did a little investigation on the order and it looks like this order was received and processed before you installed Beacon for less than 1 hour. Our system is always monitoring and doing its best to prevent fraud activities and it works best once you are able to learn all the features of the app and are able to fine-tune the fraud system. The verification section of the app is only a small part of the fraud detection process.

Please contact us directly and we'd be happy to go over the order and help you directly,

EVE AIO X - Cop.Supply

This service makes going through potentially fraudulent orders so much easier. It tells you exactly what might be wrong with the order and also automates a text verification if an order is flagged by a set amount of factors. You can also have people verify via email. We've been using Beacon for a month now and its the best fraud filter app we have come across. The pricing is beyond reasonable as well.

This is a great fraud app available on shopify. I have used Nofraud, NS8, and others. This beats all of them, they use simple tools like phone verification, detects VOIP, detects multiple orders, detects duplicate IP, Detects carrier name and many other features. Jason who is the lead, listens to concerns and address them. Thank you