Liana · Loyalty Program

Liana · Loyalty Program

by Beans

Loyalty program to keep customers tight to your shop

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familiar...yet different

Good luck getting a support agent to respond to an email inquiry.
They always go unanswered! I have sent several emails and no one has assisted and/or responded. Thinking about deleting the app

Developer reply

August 14, 2019

Thank you for letting us know about the issue you are facing. We have just sent you an email in order to help you fix the issues you are experiencing.

Fitness Junkies

Free plan sucks..................................................................

Developer reply

August 14, 2019

Thank you for your review. We have been able to add many more features to the free plan and it is a lot more interesting now. Check it and let us know what you think about it.

The Tamale Company

This has sooooooooooooooo many issues, we have customers that complain all the time. Also, we need to be able to remove some items from the program, it has no to do that. And you can never get a response or easily contact the company....I need to switch just not sure what to do with my customers points.

Spoiledbrat Co Uk

The worst experience ever! This system sent out 2000 £10 vouchers to my "loyal customers" these loyal customers then went onto my site & spent this money along with a load of other points! One customer - has ordered with us 3 times , 2 of which orders were returned for refunds! She managaed to get £55 discount off her order, making her total 99p!! We have had 20+ similar orders today , which is going to destroy us! How can a small business afford to send out these orders, we are basically paying people to take out stuff - the postage alone is costin us a fortune! Do not use this programme, its fatally flawed & it slows down your website substantially! I am so upset and stressed out by what has just happened & dont know how to deal with it. By cancelling off these orders, we are going to get bad reviews by customers - but by sending these out, we are damaging ourselves financially! Its a no win situation here!

Tulip Smile

I am not satisfied with beans even i will not recommend beans. As per application loyalty program is free but now they are looking for $9 for billing. They should understand each customer.

Ren Lifestyle

Worst App!! I grew my list and I'm suffering now

Never dare to install this App. Too many bugs and my customers report errors in redemptions every now and while.

Landing page for the customer is a bullshit and has no direct access to customers to know detailed information about their points and redemptions history.

They Don't offer much customization for email notifications template they just wanted show beans logo everywhere which spoiled my brand image.

They do have one Hot beans program which is again a shit campaign to relay on. As I said they don't offer email customizations all you have to do is to use their default template to send out the email.

Trust me this is my honest review after using it for 1+ year. I will instead suggest going for some better apps which are stable and can be scaled.

Supply Provision Co

Any shop that is laser focused on controlling the branding, timing, and messaging of the emails that their customers receive should steer clear of this app.

I hit one button to "enroll" my customers in the rewards program, and Beans immediately began emailing each one without notifying me or confirming that I wanted to do so - and without the ability to stop the damage once it had begun. As a result, my customers all received an email from "Supply via Beans" (Really? Really??) titled "The Official Rewards Program" and including crappy, non-branded copy inside the email.

EDIT: Upon further review, it gets even worse. Not only is the copy terrible, it isn't even grammatically correct: "We took the best out of incentive programs and try to make it fun and user-friendly."

EDIT AGAIN: There's a good chance that nobody will actually see this review, because since I wrote it 18 hours ago, 7 glowing five-star reviews have been posted from stores that don't even exist. What a coincidence - they've had eighty reviews over a two year period, and then 8 reviews in less than a day.

I was actually going to try giving them a shot after the nightmare that was yesterday, but now I know they post fake reviews to bolster their account. If I can't trust them to be honest with their reviews, how can I entrust them to take care of my customers?


Edited 10/11/17 I have had to demote my review to one star. On October 9, 2017 Beans started sending emails to my customers rewarding them for making $20 purchases. (NOT ONE OF MY RULES). The points value these emails sent has varied from $6 to $20. Yes that's right - BEANS IS GIVING AWAY MY MONEY! Apparently yesterday they figured out the error and went in all the customer accounts and deducted the Beans they gave away. But the emails were already sent folks. I now have customers trying to use the Beans they gave away, and of course they can't because they really don't exist. So now I'm loosing money AND dealing with ticked off customers thanks to Beans. So I would suggest all of you go into your Beans dashboards and start scrolling through customer accounts checking for activity on 10/9-10/10. My customers hadn't even placed any orders and were being emailed rewards for rules I don't even have active on my store. THIS IS A FIASCO! And what kind of response have I gotten so far? The engineers are looking into it. ~Gee thanks!~ I have also reported the incident to shopify, since they have culpability for approving the app and allowing it to run on their stores. They are showing about as much concern as the folks at Beans are.

People this is a huge problem that is going to cost me and every other store it affects a lot of money, time, reputation hits and aggravation. This is the kind of stuff class action is made for....

(old review below)

Really happy with this app so far save for 2 issues. I've gotten some complaints from customers that signup is confusing and their purchases are not earning the beans. I've had to manually adjust these customers. My second issue is not having beans on the order screens from the admin end. We have a lot of phone orders and when I put them in from the backend - beans is nowhere to be found. If it was fully integrated into admin of shopify I could give it a full 5 stars.

Bibetts Baby Carriers

UPDATE 6/24/16: In general this app is effective at the very basics of a rewards system.

However, I am extremely unhappy with the change in fees. When I signed up there was a flat rate each month and I knew what I was going to pay. Now, they have gotten greedy and are charging a huge sum of 50% of your points redeemed. I feel stuck because I have already established this as our rewards program and it will be a huge hassle to transfer all of my customer data to another app. I would not have signed up for this app if I had known they would trap you into paying so much. I feel like they should honor the original fee system for existing customers for at least the first year so wee can decide if we want to stay with them, or find a more cost effective option.

Original Review: Everyone raves about how great the customer service is but I have had to wait days between responses. They do not have a phone line, only email and it is not very customer friendly when you need help.

Currently, when a customer makes a purchase I have to go in find out if they are a member of the rewards program then manually enter their credit or debit for every transaction and this is very time consuming as I have over 100 orders a week. I had expected the credits and debits to be automatically calculated by this program so it only creates more work for me.

UPDATE: Once I posted this review I was contacted very quickly and they worked to fix the issues. I am upgrading my review rating from 1 star to 3. I will reevaluate my rating after a few months.

Down Range Tactical Outfitters

UPDATE: Beans has done a really good job of improving some of the features and options they offer. The have been very responsive to my emails asking questions for input, thoughts, ideas, etc. There are still some options that I feel should be implemented to allow us more options on how we want the app to work with our store. More to come.

ORIGINAL: The concept of Beans is something I was very interested in. I signed up for the Pro Plan but encountered to many issues. The website is very unresponsive, etc. Just does not flow smoothly like others. Recommend the developer to take notes from SLoyalty and SweetTooth and work on improving the app. Let me know when it gets there and I will be glad to check it our and reconsider it. I will also be happy to update my review whether I sign up or not.