Liana · Rewards & Loyalty

Liana · Rewards & Loyalty


Make your customers addicted to your shop

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Increase loyalty

Make customers addicted to your shop with a loyalty program and rewards points system

Increase profit

Encourage customers to spend more and more often and increase loyalty

Increase customers' love

Increase customers' love and loyalty for your brand

Liana · Rewards & Loyalty 정보

You spend time and money to get customers, they are very happy with your products but never come back!

Keeping customers loyal in 2019 is tough, especially when it comes to online shopping. There are so many distractions, competition is aggressive, and customers eventually forget about you.

The good news is solutions exist. Liana is a loyalty program app . that creates bonds between you and your customers by:

  • Making customers addicted to your products with a loyalty points system
  • Rewarding customers to spend more and increasing loyalty
  • increasing customers' love and loyalty for your brand

How does Liana work?

Create a loyalty program to reward your customers to increase your revenue and profitability. Customers get rewarded with loyalty points that entitle them to a discount in your shop.

How will Liana help you make more money?

  • Capture email addresses

Reward customers who create a shop account to capture more emails.

  • Increase loyalty and customers satisfaction

Customers know that the more they buy the more you are grateful, so they are happy to keep buying and therefore your customer loyalty increases.

  • Increase average order value

Reward customers who spend over a certain amount, automatically get your customers to spend more.

  • Increase repeat purchases frequency

For example, give extra rewards to customers who purchase twice or more in the same trimester and increase loyalty.

Extra features

  • Notifications

Liana sends customized notifications to your customers about their rewards points balance so they don’t forget to come back and spend their credit.

  • Time based campaigns

Create urgency among your members of your loyalty program with limited time promotions such as double and triple loyalty points campaigns.

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  • Reward Purchases
  • Reward Registration
  • Rewards Program Page
  • Up to 30 monthly orders



  • Reward Birthday
  • Reward Repeat Purchases
  • Reward Purchase over certain amount
  • Reward Special Occasions
  • 400 monthly orders

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Blue & Apple

Esther is really helpful, reactive and efficient ! App is really easy to use, easy to understand for customer, great app !

oscar francis ltd

I have just upgraded this app from Lite to Ultimate. Although the app can be a bit tricky to navigate (for me at least) the support staff were great at explaining how it worked and solved the issues for me. I will see if the upgrade is worth it and get back!


I cancelled the APP through the APP store but these people continue to invoice me form their services, I have asked them to cancel the payments a number of times to no avail. I have had to instruct my bank directly to cancel. Poor Show!

개발자 회신

2020년 11월 12일

Hello there,

We tried to reach out to you multiple times regarding the issue that you raised without hearing back from you. Our support team is always happy to assist, and to do so they will need to get more information on the reported issue. If you could get back to us or email us at that would be great.

Thank you