Bamboo · Referral Program

Bamboo · Referral Program

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Referral app to turn customers into advocates of your shop

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Use Bamboo Referral App to empower your customers to share your products and services with their network.

Effortless Referral

Setup your referral program, sit back and let your customers grow your business for you.

Top Tier Referrals

Referred customers spend more and stay longer than customers acquired through any other channel.

Om Bamboo · Referral Program

Generating new leads from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. Advertising takes up a chunk of your marketing budget, making it expensive to acquire new customers, and even more difficult to retain them.

The good news is, referral programs allow you to leverage your customers’ word-of-mouth to increase your marketing reach without having to spend a lot of money.

This Bamboo Referral system app will drive conversions and improve your overall ROI by:

  • Incentivizing your customers to refer your shop to their friends
  • Increasing your organic referral rate
  • Increasing your outreach through customers referrals
  • Increasing the trust of your brand with quality referrals

How Does Bamboo Referral program Work?

Create a referral program to reward customers who invite their friends to shop. Your customers get a unique referral link and share it to their friends. The referred customers get rewarded when they shop using the referral link, and advocates also get rewarded when a customer shops using their referral link.

  • Dedicated referral page

A referral page is automatically created in the store and is dedicated to the referral program.

How Does Bamboo Referral App Help You Make More Money?

  • Cost Effectiveness

Save on new customers. As compared to standard advertising which is very expensive, it will cost you nothing to use a referral program.

  • Increase Marketing Outreach

Use your customers as advocates to expand your client base through referrals.

  • Increase Brand Awareness and Reputation

Allow your customers to spread the word about your brand. With quality referral, Consumers will align themselves with a brand that is trustworthy.

  • Increase Engagement

Strengthen your online presence with customer referral. Customers are more likely to visit your store regularly to continue referring others in order to claim more rewards.

About Beans

Selling online is very competitive and is getting tougher every day. Beans empowers you with the latest marketing technologies so that you stand above the crowd.

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  • Referral Program Page

  • Coupon Reward

  • Points Reward

  • Up to 30 monthly orders



  • Minimum Purchase Amount

  • Integrate with Email

  • Integrate with Popups

  • Up to 400 monthly orders

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4.1 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Mom's Munchies

This could be a very useful app and we liked having it during the free trial. As soon as we upgraded to the $29/mo plan our problems started. It kept directing us to sign up for Beans Ultimate which encompasses all the Beans apps instead of allowing us access to the Bamboo app. From there they wanted to sell us Beans Ultimate through the help chat and wanted us to pay another $29.00 fee that they said they would refund if we showed them proof. It's a hassle as the charges come from a country outside the US and we have to clear each payment over the phone with our bank. Generally not happy with the way they pushed another product instead of allowing us access to the original app we wanted and paid for.

Udviklerens svar

21. oktober 2020

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to read that you are confused with the diversity of applications that we offer. If you are having trouble choosing which product is best fit to help you achieve your needs, our support team is always happy to help. If you want to cancel a product after finding out it is not what you need we are also happy to offer full refund.

Heartwood Farm & Cidery

We have been quite happy with the referral program so far - there are a number of really great additional features included for free, and the customer service has been very good. Excited to see where it takes us!

STAC Fine Jewellery

The app interface is fine and has 80% of the functionality we want but the customer service is honestly terrible. I've been waiting for a proper response for about 48 hours now and there is nothing from their end. I decided to go with this app over a couple of others but not so sure it was the right call anymore! They also offer very limited customization even on paid plans which is a really quite an annoyance. Hopefully will hear from them soon

Udviklerens svar

18. september 2020

Thank you for your review. We are pleased to hear that you like our application. We are concerned by the fact that you are not yet fully satisfied with our support team, although we try our best to not slack off (we believe we already did a full one-on-one demo together, and have reached out to you many times via email and phone). We understand that you are a bit stressed as you are expecting to launch your referral program in the shortest delay. Features wise, your feedback is more than welcome, as this is what will help improve our product in order to better meet our customers need.