Beauty License Verify 2.0

Beauty License Verify 2.0

作成: Minin Inc

Sell directly to verified, licensed beauty professionals.


Full Customization

You can customize the popup design by choosing the text, color, and fonts as per your site’s need.

Custom Visibility and Pricing

Set professional pricing for products and designate visibility for professional use only products.

Support Beauty Industry

Support licensed beauty professionals by maintaining exclusivity with professional use only products.

Beauty License Verify 2.0の詳細情報

What is Beautician List?

BeauticianList offers a breakthrough in setting a higher standard of safety for the beauty industry through the use of digital data. The patented technology software is capable of immediate verification of any beauty license issued by the different state Boards of Barbering and Cosmetology within the US. Using Verify by Beautician List completely eliminates the use of manual verification while upholding the highest values and ethics within the professional beauty community.

How does it work?

Utilizing unique state specific coding, we are able to communicate directly with the state boards and receive the most up to date licensee information. By authenticating a license through our software, you can be rest assured that we confirm the buyer’s identity and their current license status at the time of purchase.

Customers are able to click on the unique verification button and either log into their Beautician List account or input their information for immediate verification. They are never redirected away from your site and once become approved on the back end are able to see the pricing and products you wish them to see.

What are its capabilities?

There are two options when it comes to showing professional products:

Custom visibility – Products can be shown only to licensed professionals once they authenticated themselves via the Beauty Pro Log in button.

Custom pricing options – Select discount can be applied for all products OR specific discounts for specific products.









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