WHY You Should Buy Banners

WHY You Should Buy Banners

da Because Intelligence

Customize banners above each 'add to cart', or bulk edit.

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A place customers can't miss

It's hard to get your customer's attention. The area above your "add to cart" buttons is untapped real estate they can't ignore.

Convert more traffic

You now have their attention to share the 1 reason they should buy each product: how it was made, how it's packaged, how it will ship, etc.

Create unlimited banners

Feature a different message and look/feel on each product page. Even down to your brand colors and icons. All without code.

Su WHY You Should Buy Banners

The Problem

Your customers have a short attention span, so what's the ONE thing you would tell them on each product page to influence them to buy?

What is Because?

Because helps you add no-code banners above your "add to cart" buttons to share that one piece of information you think they need to know before making their purchase. Gain their trust where it matters. No distracting detours.

Your Opportunity

Increase conversion with site visitors by connecting them to your WHY. Because users have seen an increase in the number of site visitors adding to cart as high as 37% and a sales conversion lift as high as 243%.

The Magic of Because

Secret #1: You can show a different message on every product

We know you have a lot to say on each product, so we built the first app where changing your messaging is super easy without a developer. We're talking 5 minutes kind of easy ;)

Secret #2: We get it

We're a team of those short-attention span Millennials we mentioned. So, we understand how today's customers want to buy. Our banner templates were designed to be fail-proof to generate trust even for boomers :)

You don't need a fancy tech team

We think it's unnecessary to call your developer every time you want to change content on your product pages. So we said- be gone developers!

How it works

  • Create a new campaign. Give it a cool name that represents the first story you want to tell, like "Why Customers Love It" or "How we got started."
  • Choose your preferred banner style to match your site. Yeah we like templates too.
  • Check off the products you want to show your first banner on.
  • Now, time to make it look pretty. By changing your colors, fonts, icons, and copy, you can customize each banner to fit naturally into your site's brand. Keep your copy short and sweet, and most importantly, make it sound like you.
  • Each banner will have Campaign settings. For example, you can easily turn it on and off if you're featuring Black Friday/holiday stories or want to switch in a new one on the same product.
  • Finally, insights. Coming soon... we are launching an analytics dashboard to understand the impact on your views, revenue, and conversion rate.

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  • unlimited product targeting

  • 100% customizable colors, fonts, icons, etc.

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Wonderful team to help you get set up. Easy to use platform and seamlessly integrates into our site. Great!

Mia's Co. Candle

Still trying to figure out how to maximize all the different app functions but it's so intuitive that it's more about my marketing than plugging in Because functions. Beyond the simple tools and functions, the Because Team has been so helpful and willing to work with me at every step of the process. They're so knowledgeable, available, and excited about their app; any conversation we have is like an extra cheer section and creative meeting that will ultimately help me and my business succeed. Get this app, if only for the service the team provides. But also because it's great and adds a little flair to your product site.

Classon & Sterling

I used this app to create marketing messages on my product pages, it worked as it expected and I am very happy with it.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

30 dicembre 2020

Thanks so much for the review! Awesome to have such a cool sustainable brand using our app. We hope you find a ton of success with it! 💜

-Ashland, Co-Founder + Chief Believer Officer 😜 Because