Because: Page Banners & Editor

Because: Page Banners & Editor

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Show Shipping, Promos, Reviews & More Above Add-to-Cart Button

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Add Banners on Pages📢

Add beautiful banners above the Add-to-Cart button on your product pages. Edit many pages in just a few clicks. 100% No-Code!

Influence More Shoppers😍

Nudge shoppers by showing reviews, promos, sale, shipping info, new stock, discounts, social cause and more. Really, anything you want!

Get So Many Conversions🚀

Stores get up to 243% more conversions with Because banners. Start your 15-day free trial, boost your add-to-cart rate & grow your revenue.

关于 Because: Page Banners & Editor

Make your products stand out with Product Page Banners and Labels

Because is a 5-star rated app for adding beautiful banners, labels and badges to your store’s Product Pages in just 1-click.

Influence shoppers, get more conversions

Add powerful info or promos right ABOVE the Add-to-Cart Button and convert more shoppers or upsell products.

Add beautiful banners on many pages at once

Update one or many pages in just a few clicks. Just add your message, set up banner style colors and fonts, and your chosen pages will be updated.

No developer, no problem

Anyone can use Because - you will never need a developer to add banners to your product pages. 100% NO-CODE and hassle-free.

Use Because product page banners and labels to show or highlight:

  • Product information
  • Product description
  • Unique reason to buy from your store
  • Special discounts
  • New promos
  • Holiday promotions
  • Product details banner
  • 5-star product reviews
  • New customer reviews
  • Featured products
  • Product variant labels
  • Shipping information
  • Free shipping label
  • Social cause banners
  • Make donation requests
  • Unique recommendations
  • Trust labels or banners
  • Announcements
  • Customize products
  • Out of Stock labels
  • Restocking information
  • Pre order now
  • 'On backorder' banner
  • And much more :)

All banners are added ABOVE the add-to-cart button on your product pages.

Unlimited banners and labels, unlimited customization, so many benefits:

1. Get more conversions

Because store owners see a 37% increase in the number of site visitors Adding to Cart and up to 243% sales conversion lift!

2. Make your products unique

Add a unique message to your products and show your customers why they should buy. Keep your copy short and sweet, and most importantly, make it personal.

3. Use templates or make your own custom banners

Use our beautiful templates or change colors, fonts, icons, and copy to customize each banner or label. Every banner should naturally fit into your store-brand.

4. Never require tech support

We think it's unnecessary to call your developer every time you want to change content on your product pages. So we say: Be gone developers!

5. Great analytics

Understand the impact of banners and labels on pageviews, revenue, and conversion rate with the analytics dashboard. Compare campaigns across different products to see what works.

6. Only humans, we promise

We’re a full-time Shopify App team and this is our only app - we're all in! The app is super easy to use but we encourage you to reach out to us as you build your first few banners & labels.

Our simple, flat pricing includes:

  • unlimited banners
  • unlimited product targets
  • 100% customizable colors, fonts, icons, etc.

Add App now & Start your 15-day free trial!






定价 15 天免费试用

Basic Plan


  • For Stores With <50 Products
  • Unlimited Add to Cart Banners 
  • Select Products Manually
  • Icon Library and No Code Designer
  • Works On All Themes

Pro Plan


  • For Stores With 50+ Products
  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Target Products by Tag(s) or Collection
  • Automation Controls for Scale
  • Phone Support

* 所有费用均以美元结算。 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

5.0 评分

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Alicia Boateng Designs

I started using this app about a month ago and I love how it integrates so well with my shop. I had to reach out to customer service to clarify a tech issue and their follow-up is impeccable (this is of uttermost importance to me). I highly recommend this app if you want to highlight free shipping, best seller items, and special sales you may have going on. I wish I could give them more stars!! - Alicia Boateng from Alicia Boateng Designs



Thank you so much for your review. We enjoy all your campaigns (especially the new ones 😉)! We can't wait to see your upcoming banners!

-Aya, Customer Success Manager

Lucette Collection

Because helps me to better share my brand story and information about my products. I started using Because so I could share more compelling content about my products in a place where potential customers would be sure to see it (right above the add to cart button)
Customer support is individualized and very attentive. I highly recommend Because to anyone who needs to highlight a unique aspect of their products or brands right above the add to cart button without needing to do custom coding. With because I can highlight our sustainable or women-owned brands above the product description, where it can sometimes get lost.



Thanks for the review Lucette! We're glad you've had such a great experience and can't wait to continue to support ya :)

-Ashland, CEO & Founder

Outlet Bait & Tackle

This app has made our sales so much effective. Customer service is the best I have ever dealt with. They answer questions and go above an beyond instantly. Highly recommend!



We're so glad that Because was able to improve your sales and most importantly, that we were able to assist you with your questions! That's our top goal! <3

-Aya, Customer Success Manager