Because ‑ Product Page Banners

Because ‑ Product Page Banners

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Show Promos, Inventory, & More Above Each Add to Cart Button

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Add Banners to Product Pages📢

Add clickable banners/boxes above the Add-to-Cart button on product pages. Make each page different with no-code, click-to-edit designs.

Power Each Product Story🎯

Make your products standout with reviews, promotions, sale, shipping info, discounts, social cause & more. Give shoppers a nudge to convert!

Increase Add to Cart Rate📈

We’re a female-founded startup and we love helping store owners grow. Start with our 1-Banner FREE plan and watch your conversion increase.

有關 Because ‑ Product Page Banners

What is Because Shopify App?

Because is the easiest way to add beautiful banners that showcase information on your Shopify store’s product pages.

What’s the biggest reason store owners love Because?

Because lets you show relevant information or promotions right ABOVE the Add-to-Cart button. You can finally catch your shoppers’ attention where it matters the most!

Is it really that easy?

Absolutely. We created Because for non-coders and non-designers. If you know how to run your Shopify store, you already know how to use Because :)

So, how does Because work?

Simple. Just write your message, choose the banner style, and update your target product pages. Update tens or hundreds of pages in just a few clicks.

Because Shopify App is 100% NO-CODE and hassle-free.

What if I need help?

We love to help store owners. We are a female-founded startup and great support is one of our core values.

We will guide you through creating your first few banners and we will continue supporting your growth story.

Use Because to show or highlight:

  • Product information
  • Product description
  • Reasons to buy from your store
  • Discounts
  • Shipping info
  • Promotions
  • Holiday offers
  • Product details
  • Customer reviews
  • Popular products
  • Free shipping
  • Social causes
  • Donation requests
  • Recommendations
  • Announcements
  • Stock information
  • Pre-order offers
  • And really, anything else you want :)

Unlimited banners and labels, unlimited customization, so many benefits:

1. Power your product story

Add unique messages to your products and show your customers why they should buy from you. Keep your copy short, sweet and personal.

2. Use templates or make your own custom banners

Use our pre-designed templates or change colors, fonts, icons, and copy to customize each banner. Because makes it easy to match your banners to your store's brand identity.

3. Target products manually or with Shopify tags

You can add a banner to just a few hand-picked products or update hundreds of products using our new tag-based targeting. Try it today!

4. A/B Test different messages

Compare different banners across your site to see what works best. Define your success criteria to measure for Add to Cart Rate or Revenue. Understand the impact of Because by testing your banner against no banner.

5. Unbeatable support, we promise

We’re a full-time Shopify App team and this is our ONLY app! We encourage you to contact us as you build your first few banners so we can help you with the best practices.

Our simple, flat pricing includes:

  • unlimited banners
  • unlimited product targets
  • 100% customizable colors, fonts, icons, etc.

Add App now to start free with your first banner!

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Free Plan


  • Limited to 1 banner
  • Unlimited template library
  • Add links to banners
  • Easy select all products
  • Scheduling
  • Custom <> placement
  • Chat support

Starter Plan

每月 $15

  • Everything in FREE plus +
  • Unlimited banners!
  • Easy banner cloning
  • Stack banners on top of each other
  • Target products with Shopify tags

Pro Plan

每月 $30

  • Everything from Starter +
  • A/B Test one banner vs another (or banner versus no banner)
  • Priority tech support for custom banner placement

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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Fantastic support. I wanted a little help with the placement of the banner and Arsal was super helpful. Came back to me quickly with so many further ideas.



So glad we were able to help you get your Banner looking right on your site! Let us know how we can further support and keep on rockin' it!

- Ashland, CEO


5 STARS Good service,i use a free plan,i think no one will help cuz i am free plan,i ask them but they reply in hours and help me out ,thank you Arsal,i will consider to upgrade my plan



Thanks so much for the kind review! We prioritize every user regardless of their plan because we love growing with you guys! So glad that was clear in our support :) Cheers!

-Arsal, Customer support

Em & Am Childrenswear

Im a new business owner and i searched high and low for great apps to integrate into my shopify store to help obtain the goals i seeked to reach. I came across because and immediately reached a level of satisfaction. I created a product banner and it was super easy to make. I ran into a few problems on my end and reached out for support and my expectations were beyond exceeded. This is an amazing app with great customer service and they strive for perfection. Thank you to the team at because !



So glad you found us! We know how hard it can to find awesome apps, but we're so glad you've been enjoying ours :)

We appreciate your patience with us as we are a new female founded startup, but so glad you had a good experience with our support team!

-Ashland, Founder <333