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Happy Email

Happy Email

Developed by Beeketing

1656 reviews
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  • Automatically send a thank-you email from store founder/owner to new customers
  • Connect, make your customers happy and build trust on your brand
  • No need to worry what to write to your customers. We’ve done it all for you

♡ Happy Email - The easiest way to say thanks and show your care to customers! ♡

Recent statistics by Experian show that “welcome emails generate 4 times the total open rates and 5 times the click rates compared to other bulk promotions”.

Happy Email helps to send a thank-you email from You to your customers automatically, 30 minutes after they make the first purchase or sign up for a new account on your store. It helps to create a personal touch and gain trust from your customers.

  1. A personal welcome email sent from one of the founders helps to establish trust and cultivating a relationship as it is coming from a real person

  2. 30-minute delay between the time customers purchase and time of emails sent makes it so natural that your customers will think you write this personal welcome email yourself.

♡ What makes Happy Email the most wanted app for any Shopify stores ♡

  1. Everything is automated, well-written and ready for you after 1-click install

  2. Make a great first impression with your customers. It's so natural that it feels like you personally write the emails yourself.

  3. Build trust and encourage future purchases. More chance to turn them into loyal customers.

Get Happy Email Now To Make Your Customers More Happy!



✓ MailBot

☞ Turn more visitors into revenue for your online store by personalized follow-up emails.

☞ How we receive 50% email response rate & customers are 250% more likely to convert with targeted and personalized follow-up emails.

✓ Checkout Boost

☞ Boost your store's checkout rate and gain new customers from every purchase by social network sharing.

☞ Special: Countdown timer offers, Sales Gamification, Exit-intent offers, Post-purchase Upselling

✓ Boost Sales

☞ Up-sell and Cross-sell in 1 app!

☞ One of our customers gained $6,000 in extra revenue with up-sell & cross-sell

✓ Personalized Recommendation

☞ Recommend the right products to the right customers at the right places on your store, just like Amazon.

☞ It's totally FREE if it makes you no sales! No set-up cost, no fixed subscription fee.

✓ Better Coupon Box

☞ Popup a coupon box to turn visitors into social followers and increase sales.

Happy Email reviews

1656 reviews
  1. 5 stars (1458 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (157 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (18 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (8 reviews)
  5. 1 star (15 reviews)

Pretty good app so far. You have to jump through some hoops to get all the advertised functionality though. Also you need an email at your domains name in order to send out emails. Still its a great app and I would recommend it.

Thanks for the solution.


This app is an amazing way to greet people new to your store and give them a personal message!

Really looking forward to seeing how our customers respond to it!


Unlike other razor subscription businesses' (*cough* Harry's) Oscar is a real person and Happy Email is a great way to reinforce that point, in a friendly way.


This app is hot stuff,great for all sorts of online stores,if you want your customers doing repeat business and feeling good doing so,try this app you'll be glad you did.


Just stared this app I looking forward to using it .
Thank you


Seems like the potential is there but I haven't seen it yet. I did a test purchase and received no email. Says 2 emails have been sent and 1 opened. I am the only person who has made any purchases on my site.


Am very happy with Happy Email... they have a beautiful intent to spread happiness throughout the world and that's just what they do! Thank you for helping to create better energy on the planet.


Great product! Highly recommend


Alice was very helpful in getting my personalized email edited and set up to send to each customer. Fantastic app I would recommend it to anyone!


Very easy to install,Happy Email found a happy customer.Recommend this app.


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