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2023년 3월 16일

Im very happy with beprofit. At first it was a rough start with some problems but they fixed everything very smoothly and I now have 5+ stores using beprofit and we will be adding a lot more.
highly recommended!

앱 사용 시간: 7개월
답글 BeProfit 📊개 2023년 3월 19일

Great to hear that you're enjoying using our platform and that the issues were resolved smoothly. We appreciate your recommendation and look forward to supporting your growing business with even more stores!
Cheers :)

2023년 3월 15일

Great User Interface and presentation of your data. Great support and understanding of your business requirements. Guidance for your initial onboarding and the ability for longer support hours .

앱 사용 시간: 4개월
답글 BeProfit 📊개 2023년 3월 15일

Thank you for the awesome review! We're always here to help, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything!
Cheers :)

2023년 3월 13일

Soo far BEprofit is amazing. Its a great investment for my business and the support is actually amazing.

앱 사용 시간: 10일
답글 BeProfit 📊개 2023년 3월 14일

Thank you so much for your this great review! We're so glad that BeProfit is valuable for your business and that you've had a great experience with our support team. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any further assistance!

2023년 3월 13일

BE Profit is the App i have been looking for to keep track on the most important metrics: Profit.
the onboarding is very easy and you can set up your Product & shipping cogs, link to you add spent, and Add all fixed cost in less than 20 mn.
After which the app will do all the work :)
The app layout is very user friendly , and the team is really responsive if you have any questions.

앱 사용 시간: 대략 1개월
답글 BeProfit 📊개 2023년 3월 13일

Thank you for taking the time to share your awesome feedback! We are thrilled to hear that our app is helping you keep track of your metrics in an easy and efficient way.
Our team is always here to help if you have any questions or need assistance. Thanks again for your review!

2023년 3월 2일

Be Profits is a superior companion app for Shopify Stores. The closely coupled reporting with Shopify gives us a snapshot in near real-time to manage our business, understand trends and P&L and make adjustments quickly.

I couldn't be any happier with BeProfits. We are a fast food store and grocer with 250 products in rotation, and the reporting and software is key to our management and growth and success. We are available for any references ZUPS ByWard, in Ottawa, Canada.

앱 사용 시간: 3개월
답글 BeProfit 📊개 2023년 3월 5일

Thanks for the awesome review! We're thrilled that BeProfit has been a valuable tool for your business.
If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We're always here to help.
Thanks again :)

2023년 3월 2일

I recently started using BeProfit to calculate profits from my webshop, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with its features and performance. The software is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to set up. I was able to connect all my sales channels seamlessly, and the software started calculating profits in real-time almost instantly.

One of the things that stood out to me about BeProfit is the accuracy of its calculations. I no longer have to worry about human error or spending hours manually calculating profits for my webshop. BeProfit provides me with accurate profit margins for each of my products, and I can easily track my financial performance over time.

Another great feature of BeProfit is its forecasting capabilities. With historical data and advanced algorithms, the software can predict future profits based on my webshop's performance. This helps me make informed decisions about my business and plan accordingly.

The software is also customizable, which is a huge plus for me. I can customize the software to fit my webshop's specific needs and requirements. I can also choose from a range of integrations and apps to optimize my webshop's performance.

Overall, I highly recommend BeProfit to any webshop owner looking for a reliable and accurate software application to calculate profits. It's cost-effective, easy to use, and provides valuable insights into my business's financial performance.

앱 사용 시간: 24일
답글 BeProfit 📊개 2023년 3월 2일

Wow, your review has made our day!
It's always wonderful to hear positive feedback from our users, and we're thrilled that BeProfit has exceeded your expectations. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.
We look forward to continuing to provide you with valuable insights into your shop's financial performance.

2023년 3월 1일

Great support, great app. The team is very helpful in onboarding and ensuring you are good to go. Recommended

앱 사용 시간: 대략 1개월
답글 BeProfit 📊개 2023년 3월 1일

Thanks for the awesome review! We're happy to hear you had a great experience with our app and support team. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything in the future!

2023년 3월 1일

Great app, it's very useful and has great customer support. I had a couple of issues in the beginning and a member of the support team was quick to address and solve the issue. I'd definitely recommend it.

앱 사용 시간: 12개월
답글 BeProfit 📊개 2023년 3월 1일

Thanks for leaving us a review! We're thrilled to hear that you find our app useful and that our support team was able to assist you in resolving any issues you encountered. Thanks for recommending us, we appreciate it! Let us know if you need anything else in the future.

2023년 2월 20일

Great app, gives you all the data you need to run a business. They also have a great support if you need more help!

앱 사용 시간: 7일
답글 BeProfit 📊개 2023년 2월 21일

Thank you for the great review! We're glad to hear that our app is helping you run your business and that you found our support team to be helpful.
We're always here to assist you in any way we can. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you.
Cheers! :)

2023년 2월 17일

This is a great profit tracking app! We have tried a few and this one goes above and beyond the others and support always gets back to us quickly with any questions we have. The app is a little bit pricier than others but, for what you get with this app, it is worth the small price increase. Great app and highly recommend for tracking your order costs!

A Cottage in the City
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답글 BeProfit 📊개 2023년 2월 19일

Thanks so much for the awesome review! We're thrilled to hear that you're loving our profit tracking app and that our support team has been able to help you out quickly.
Thanks again for the recommendation and support. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to reach out to us!