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17 april 2024

At one point I was on a paid plan under $30 a month, but realized I could do what I needed on the free plan (the paid plan didn't offer much value for what I needed to do, just simple tracking of expenses). Now without warning the free plan is gone and the entry level plan is now $49 a month, but for what I'm not sure. Now I'm locked out of accessing reports of my expenses unless I pay. It's time to delete this app and say goodbye. I can track expense on my own since I"m such a small business. I might check out trueprofit as mentioned in another app.

Daily Ritual Boutique
Mer än 2 år användning av appen
BeProfit 📊 svarade 2 juni 2024

Thank you for your feedback and for being a valued user of BeProfit with Daily Ritual Boutique. We understand your concerns about the transition from our free plan to a paid plan. Our goal is always to provide the best possible value to our users.

Our support team has reached out to you via email to discuss your case and find a solution that suits your needs. We hope this helps, and we look forward to continuing to support you.

Redigerat 2 april 2024

Super Bad Experience. Staff super slow to respond. I get one response a day....

On March 7th I noticed

Theres a huge issue where my products are not appearing therefore I cant add costs. All my data is skewed and inaccurate

They said they have escalated but its been a week and half for it to get here.

Update 24th March. Still no fix. If something happens to your account they are very slow to fix. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Update 2nd April. They told me they can't fix this problem for me. Now I have to migrate to a new app and will lose alot of my data.

Nästan 3 år användning av appen
BeProfit 📊 svarade 2 juni 2024

Hi PuppyPad,

Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you've experienced. Our goal is to provide timely and effective support to all our users, and we regret that we did not meet your expectations in this case.

We understand how critical accurate data is for your business, and we are deeply sorry for the delays and issues you've encountered. Our team has been working diligently to resolve your issue, but we acknowledge that our efforts fell short.

Please know that we take your feedback seriously and are committed to improving our response times and support processes. If there's anything more we can do to assist you during this transition, please let us know. We value your long-term partnership with BeProfit and are here to support you in any way we can.

29 maj 2024

It is a great app, but they took away the free plan they used to offer.

5 månader användning av appen
BeProfit 📊 svarade 2 juni 2024

Thank you for your review, Mike. We appreciate your feedback and understand your concern about the transition from our free plan to a paid plan. Our support team has reached out to you via email to discuss how we can better assist ZATShop. We value your partnership and look forward to resolving this for you.

Redigerat 3 april 2024

They took all my store data. After answering a lot of questions, they said that the data was missing and asked me to contact customer service. The first impression is very bad. If I change my mind, I will be sharing it here.

Quick Note: Don't waste your time

2 dagar användning av appen
BeProfit 📊 svarade 2 juni 2024

Hi Oyunacakcın,

Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you've experienced with our app. Losing store data and facing difficulties with customer service is certainly not the experience we want for our users.

We have recently implemented a full self-serve onboarding service to ensure a smoother and more reliable experience. We invite you to give BeProfit another try and continue your onboarding process with this new service.

If you need any assistance, please reach out to our support team, and we will be happy to help. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we hope to improve your experience with BeProfit.

20 juli 2023

i have been trying to work with them for the last 4 months to fix this issue but same problem every month.

1) App disconnects from the different Ad channels like FB, Google, Bing. Everytime i login i have to manually connect the ad accounts to the app. Yo will see error on Dashboard or with the ad channel that ad accounts have been disconnected. you would assume after 4 months of continuously reporting same issue, they would be able to fix that.
2) App shows wrong Ad spend. Since app disconnect from different ad accounts, it stops recording the new Ad spend. Even after connecting again, it doesn't pull the old spend and you have to manually contact their customer support to pull the old data.

Basically to run this app, you need to hire a VA, who can manually connect the ad accounts with their app every day, and also manually verify the ad spend every day.

Just imagine the stress you have to deal with everytime you login to their app to deal with the 2 issues every time before you can see the correct data. After that just imagine the amount of time you need to spend if you have multiple stores because you have to do the same thing on every store.

Arbeit Schuhe
Nästan 2 år användning av appen
BeProfit 📊 svarade 31 juli 2023

Dear Customer,

I'm Eden, the CEO of Beprofit. I'm truly sorry for the difficulties you've experienced with our app. Your feedback is crucial to us, and we understand that we must improve.

Our mission is to gather your financial data from various sources into one convenient location. This complex task is highly dependent on third parties and can present challenges. In response to your concerns, we've increased our monitoring measures and added retry mechanisms to enhance the user experience without compromising the data accuracy.

We've escalated your concerns to our technical team for immediate investigation. In the meantime, our senior technical support will be in touch shortly to assist you directly.

Thank you for your patience and your invaluable feedback.

Best regards,

CEO, Beprofit

29 januari 2023

This app and company is a SCAM!!!! Look through all the other reviews, they'll charge you high amounts even if you don't use the app and then REFUSE to refund you and try their best to hold your money from you. They don't reply to any e-mails or support. Do yourself a favour and just don't download this app. AVOID

Super Sea Moss
8 dagar användning av appen
BeProfit 📊 svarade 29 januari 2023

Hey Super Sea Moss team,

Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this issue to our attention. I am sorry for any confusion regarding the billing process.
I want to clarify that the charge was only applied after the free trial ended, and all billing is automated through Shopify.
Our support team has added you to the Shopify support correspondence to confirm this information.
Our team has already shared your concerns with Shopify support for clarification and resolution.

At BeProfit, our priority is to provide exceptional customer service and support.
If you have any further questions or concerns, I would happily schedule a call with you directly to address them.
You can reach me directly at ✉️

We value your feedback and would love the opportunity to work through any issues and ensure you are delighted with our system.

Best regards,
Eden Amirav, CEO, BeProfit

2 december 2020

Doesn't work as described or mentioned in the reviews. I have tried connecting to all ad accounts and uploaded all the products list multiple times. Not worth the time.

Ungefär 23 timmar användning av appen
BeProfit 📊 svarade 7 december 2020

🌟🌟Update Feb 2023🌟🌟
Dear ShopStunners,

Thank you for your recent feedback on our app. I apologize for the frustration and disappointment you experienced with our app back in December 2020.

Our team has been continuously working to make improvements and updates to enhance the user experience. I would like to encourage you to try our app again and see the improvements we have made.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at I would be more than happy to schedule a call with you or offer any assistance to ensure you are able to get the most out of our system.

Thank you for your feedback and I hope you will give us another chance.

Best regards,
Eden Amirav, CEO, BeProfit

27 juli 2021

Sadly typing in all your details only to be disappointed when it doesn't work for you.
Regret installing it. Would be nice if it did what it said it does. Don't waste your time because you'll never get it back after trying to use this app. Hopefully time spent reviewing this poor quality app will save someone else time.

White Lion Design
11 minuter användning av appen
BeProfit 📊 svarade 27 juli 2021

🌟Update Feb 2023🌟
Dear White Lion Design,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and share your experience with us. I'm sorry to hear that our app was not able to meet your expectations. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service and we continuously work to improve our platform.

It has been two years since you left this review and I would like to ask if you would consider giving us another chance. Our app has undergone significant updates and improvements and I believe you will find it more user-friendly and efficient.

If you're interested in trying our app again, please let me know. I would be more than happy to offer you a free trial or arrange a call to discuss any specific needs or concerns you may have. You can reach me directly at

Thank you again for your feedback and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Best regards,
Eden Amirav, CEO, BeProfit