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Discover your true profits, Track metrics, Optimize your store

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Accurate Profit Calculator

Real-time profit calculation simplified - no more spreadsheets! Calculate & track your true profitability with every calc & term explained

Schedule Analytics Reports

Automated or custom reports - scheduled & on demand - in one dashboard. Analyze order metrics, shipping, inventory, marketing costs, profits

Auto-Sync Sales & Costs

Sync store, marketing, payment processor & shipping accounts just once & add custom costs for updated, accurate profit tracking & reports

Über BeProfit ‑ Profit Analytics

BeProfit - Track business metrics. Optimize profits!

Do you know your exact profits & store performance?

BeProfit is Shopify’s most accurate finances profit calculator & data analytics reporting dashboard to track business metrics, lifetime profit & expenses. Its profit dashboard with finances profit calc gives better financial reporting charts, custom reports & auto exchange rate for accurate profit calc, helping you make smarter decisions to optimize your store & improve profits & sales.

Set up a profit dashboard in minutes!


  • Snapshot of profit, sales & orders
  • Intuitive charts & tables
  • Custom offers for profit-optimizing tools & services


Track business metrics with predefined report templates or custom reports:

  • Product Reports: analyze metrics for all products or per product/vendor (revenue, profit, COGs, sales)
  • Order Reports: pull custom order/sales reports, track orders, total cost breakdown/cost trends (COGs, taxes, shipping, returns) & profits, filter by profit/order, order breakdown, value, expenses & more. Track order financial/fulfillment/transaction status, track expenses monthly spread with expenses spread evenly over time
  • Custom Reports: track everything you want/need (profit reports, reports for accounting, taxes & more). Share/export reports via email & CSV (on-demand/automatic schedule & automated export)
  • Marketing Reports: analyze marketing costs & performance (ROAS, CPC, conversion rate)
  • LTV Cohort Analysis: analyze customer lifetime value to optimize profits, set CAC, pricing & more

Data Settings

  • Ad Spend Platforms: integrate ad platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Bing Ads) or CSV/manual import
  • UTMs Attribution: revenue-based marketing performance insights per platform/ad/campaign
  • Profit: add external revenue
  • Expenses: import recurring expenses, add fixed, variable (including per ad platform) & custom costs
  • Production Methods: dropship, warehouse or print on demand
  • Shipping: auto-sync Shopify Shipping data to better calculate shipping costs, track shipping carrier costs by importing & editing Shopify profiles/creating custom shipping profiles (rates based on shipping zones/locations, product weight, price)
  • AliExpress: sync shipping costs & COGS
  • Production Costs: pull or set COGS profiles, filter, bulk/manual edit
  • Processing Fees: auto-ID payment processing gateways & payment costs
  • Calculation Preferences: for refunds, pending & unfulfilled orders
  • Multiple stores overview

BeProfit is the alternative to Report Pundit, Data Export Reports, Better Reports, Conversific, Lifetimely, Order Metrics, Accountify, TrueProfit, EZ export, Profit Calc, Profitario, Exact Profit.

Coming Soon

  • Amazon & shipping integrations

Integriert mit

  • Google Ads,
  • Facebook Ads,
  • TikTok Ads,
  • Snapchat Ads,
  • Pinterest Ads,
  • Instagram Ads



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Free Plan

Kostenlose Installation

Up to 30 monthly store orders

  • All Basic Plan features

Basic Plan


oder $20/Monat abgerechnet zu $240 einmal pro Jahr

$0.3 per order above 100 monthly orders

  • Profit & cost overview
  • Unlimited ad integration
  • Custom reports
  • Order & product metrics

Pro Plan


oder $40/Monat abgerechnet zu $480 einmal pro Jahr

$0.2 per order above 500 monthly orders

  • All Basic Plan features
  • Marketing insights
  • Unlimited report exports
  • Unlimited filters
  • AliExpress Chrome extension

Ultimate Plan


oder $80/Monat abgerechnet zu $960 einmal pro Jahr

$0.1 per order above 1,000 monthly orders

  • All Pro Plan features
  • Profit & Loss reports
  • LTV cohort analysis
  • UTM attribution tool
  • Multishop dashboard

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4.9 von 5 Sternen

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The Little Ones

Excellent app! Iv been using it now for almost 2 years and its really good! If you own a online business you will have costs and expenditure going out from all over the place and its almost impossible to keep track of everything. Be profit is actually the solution. They have thought about everything, from monthly expenses, ad expenses, card charges, even variant expenses, which is amazing when your using shopify. Of course when having an app like this you want an app that works properly and syncs properly and also an app you can trust (seeing as they will have all your data). This app is definitely an app you can trust, i have had no issues with scams or data leaks. To be honest, i think if your running a shopify store, this app is a must. In any shopify store its a numbers game, its the margins what will make you profit and be sure that you are making money. This app with give you that reassurance that you are making or losing money- Which is something you definitely need to know when having a shopify store. Great app, excellent find ad worth every penny

Antwort des Entwicklers

24. November 2021

What an outstanding review, thank you so much! We are proud to provide you with that reassurance you spoke of - you're right that running a Shopify store is a numbers game, and we're happy to give you a trustworthy, reliable, all-in-one solution to stay on top of all your data. Keep on enjoying our Shopify profit calculator, let our support team know if there's anything else we can help you with!


I have worked with Beprofit for several month now and this is the best profit calculation app I have used. I highly recommend it!

Antwort des Entwicklers

17. November 2021

Thanks for the great review of our Shopify profit tracker app! We look forward to providing you the best profit calculator for many more months (and years!) to come. If you ever need anything, our support team is here to help.


I'm really pleased with this App. The level of detail it provides my business is unbelievable. Thank you.

Antwort des Entwicklers

15. November 2021

Thank you for this great review, we're happy you're pleased with our profit calculator app! Feel free to let us know if there's anything we can do to help. Cheers!