BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports

BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports


Track & export true profit reports, order metrics & expenses

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Accurate Profit Calculator

Real-time profit calculation simplified - no more spreadsheets! Calculate & track your true profitability with every calc & term explained

Schedule Analytics Reports

Automated or custom reports - scheduled & on demand - in one dashboard. Analyze order metrics, shipping, inventory, marketing costs, profits

Auto-Sync Sales & Costs

Sync store, marketing, payment processor & shipping accounts just once & add custom costs for updated, accurate profit tracking & reports

BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports 정보

BeProfit - Track business metrics. Optimize profits!

Do you know your total profit or profit per order/product, COGS & other expenses?

BeProfit is Shopify’s most accurate profit calculator & data analytics reporting dashboard to track business metrics, lifetime profit & expenses.

A profit dashboard with better financial reporting charts, custom reports & data insights to improve your profits & sales.

Set up a profit dashboard in minutes - for free!

BeProfit Categories

Real-time overview of key metrics, gross profit, net profit & profit trends. Dive into order, expense, product data & pull custom reports to help you optimize profits.

  1. Orders - build custom order/sales reports, filter orders by profit/order, order breakdown, value, expenses & more with an accurate finances profit calc.
  2. Expenses - view total cost breakdown/cost trends (COGS, shipping reports, marketing cost reports, processing fees)
  3. Products - track metrics for all products/per product e.g. revenue, profit, COGs, sales


  • Integrate Your Accounts - auto-sync with marketing ad platforms (Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest Ads), Shopify Shipping & Shopify Account data (or CSV/manual import)
  • Track Business Metrics - track orders, inventory, returns, marketing ad spend, shipping, payment processing fees, taxes, accounting data, cost of goods sold (COGS), custom spends (e.g. rent) & more
  • Optimize Your Store - intuitive expense & profit charts to help you optimize the right areas

Unique Features

  • Customizable Reports - easily build custom reports or use pre-defined report templates to track everything you want/need (profit reports, marketing cost reports, order/sales reports, reports for accounting & taxes)
  • Share/Export Reports - email, CSV, Google sheet (on-demand or automatic schedule & automated export)
  • Expenses: Monthly Spread - view expenses spread evenly over time
  • Auto Exchange Rate - finances profit calculator with live currency conversions for accurate profit calc
  • Shopify Shipping Costs - auto-sync Shopify Shipping data to better calculate shipping costs
  • Shipping Profiles - track shipping carrier costs by importing & editing Shopify profiles/creating custom shipping profiles (rates based on shipping zones/locations, product weight, price)
  • Payment Cost Tracking - auto-ID of payment processing gateways & costs
  • Order Status - tracks order financial, fulfillment & transaction status

Grow profit with a profit app tracker with reporting & data analytics! BeProfit is an alternative to Report Pundit, Data Export Reports, Better Reports, Conversific, Lifetimely, Order Metrics, Accountify, TrueProfit, EZ export, Xporter, Delirious.

Coming Soon

  • Amazon & AliExpress integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Lifetime value (LTV)


  • Google Ads,
  • Facebook Ads,
  • TikTok Ads,
  • Snapchat Ads,
  • Pinterest Ads

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Get BeProfit Reporting Dashboard & Profit Calculator For Free 🎁 Track & Export Profit Reports, Order Metrics & Expenses

4.8 별 5개 중

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Favorite Finds Shop

For now, the app is excellent. Does it have bugs? Yes. But every day I open it and find one of them fixed. I haven't tested the customer support yet, but it really does help to keep the book. I know it will cease being free at a point, but thanks to them, I'll know how much spare money I have to afford it

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 21일

Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to us!
We're working hard to make BeProfit better so you can enjoy the best profit calculator on Shopify.
Our support team is here for anything you may need. Keep enjoying the app! 😎

Roca Boutique

Powerful tool for analytics and profit, easy to use and excellent client service (quickly replies).

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 18일

Thank you!
It means a lot to us to know that our profit calculator is helping your business.
keep enjoying the app, and let our support team know if you ever have any questions 😎


Very efficient application for accounting and results of your activity. I use it on several stores and it is great. On top of that, the team is responsive and attentive. I recommend this app.

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 15일

It means a lot to us to know that our free profit calculator is helping your business.
Keep enjoying BeProfit! we are here for anything you need 😊