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Location China

This software is rubbish and deceives consumers to auto-renew every month 非常不好的评价 此软件非常垃圾 欺骗消费者并每月自动扣费 而且不知道怎么去取消扣费

Developer reply

June 1, 2022

I am sorry you had issues with our app. I went ahead and sent you a refund.

Our app, and most apps on Shopify, charge you every 30 days. When you installed the app you approved the subscription charges to be charged every 30 days.

Please email me back and let me know what was deceiving about our app and what you think we should change to make everything more clear.

Relentless Apps


Location Germany

What a load of garbage. App randomly deletes variant options. After weeks of fighting with this app, and finally getting everything to work, then going live with the shop, the app just decided to remove all conditional logic from all of my products. I don't even know what to do anymore. I feel completely defeated.

Developer reply

May 9, 2022

When I looked at your account I see you switched to the Basic Plan which does not have conditional logic. You will need to activate the Advanced Plan for conditional logic to work.

I'll send you an email in a moment. Please email me back and let me know that everything is working after you switch to the Advanced Plan.

Also, I went to issue you a refund but you have been using our free plan for development stores for the last few months and haven't been charged anything for our app yet.

Relentless Apps

Sleep First

This app does not do anything we needed for variants. It's very basic, and we were misled. They told us: "Unfortunately, upsell apps that change the functionality of the add to cart or checkout button will delete our app's data. Most product option apps will have the same issue. You also cannot use any Shopify discount codes." They also said "just delete your other apps so ours will work."
We have learned this is false information, and we replaced the app with a better version. Not helpful people.

Developer reply

April 14, 2022

Hi Chrissy, we do our best to answer every question and fix every problem, but sometimes there are limitations on what we can do because of compatibility issues with other apps.

I did come across an upsell app recently that doesn't change the functionality of the add to cart button which allows our price add-ons to work correctly with it.

You can check that app out below.

You can also use Shopify Discount codes with our price add-ons by using one of the discount code apps I recommended.

I also emailed you back to get some more information on what you meant by "false information". Please email us back so we can understand what we said that was wrong and fix this for the future.

Relentless Apps

Foxes and Ravens

Use Variant Option Product Options by Best instead!
This app, by Relentless Apps, was the first one to do Image Swatches that I came across when I was first opening my shop, and I wish I never had added it. When I first got it, it was free, and I could use the Image Swatches for free as well, but eventually they decided to bump up their price to take advantage of fools like me who didn't have time to search for another app.
The interface is infuriating and difficult to use, it's very counter-intuitive, has almost no visuals at all, at least, it didn't up until the moment I uninstalled it on March 28, 2022. You have to scroll through huge columns of text, you cannot search for your items by collection or tag, the only way to do anything in the app is to know the exact names of your items. The "Duplicate" option is phrased in a confusing way, so you can't tell if you're selecting the item you wish to copy or the item you wish to copy TO, it doesn't always work, and you can barely tell if it's done anything or not. You have to search for the item AGAIN, by its full title, to then click on it, and see if the change was made.
I was able to accept all of these flaws because it was free. But for the last many months, without my really knowing, this app was costing me nearly $10 a month! Horrifying!
The other odd thing I noticed was the name would change every now and then, which I found strange, but didn't think anything of it. Now that I see it has the same name as another app, which has all of the same features FOR FREE, and guaranteed to always be free. My guess is that they changed the name, probably multiple times, to try to match this other app, to trick more hapless fools like me into getting it, and then charging them nearly $10 a month for an app that barely functions. tldr: Get the app by Best of the same name. You won't be disappointed.

Developer reply

March 28, 2022

It doesn't sound like you are talking about our app. We have only ever offered a free version for development stores. When you installed the app you selected a subscription plan and accepted the monthly charges. For the Basic Plan, it is $8.99. We have kept our prices the same since we built the app in 2017.

The free app you are talking about actually copied our app and functionality. The reason why it is free is they try to funnel you into their paid app that offers price add-ons and more features. They also copied our app name and the colors of our logo. It is a shame that Shopify lets companies completely copy your app but there is nothing we can do about it at the moment.

For searching for the product you can easily find the product by searching the title or you can find your product in Shopify and then click our app from there to edit the product.

You can also use our global options to add color swatches, image swatches, or buttons to all of your products.

I am sorry the app didn't fit your needs. We are always working on improving our app and making it better for everyone.

I looked for any recent emails from you but I couldn't find any. We are always here to help with fast support.

If you want to give our app another try send us an email at and we will make sure everything is working correctly for you.

I'm using this app with the Shella theme which was performing just fine at first. It seemed to be compatible until last night. I've had 7 sales come thru that were attempting to buy one product and were shown an opposite product in the cart. They were also charged for the opposite product which means I have to issue 7 refunds. This has also slowed down my sales as I get 20/day before this time and today is my busiest day of the week and I'm sitting at 7 sales???? I lost money over this app glitching tf out.

Developer reply

December 19, 2021

Sorry about that Adebayo. We fixed this issue :)

We had updated our app the other day to better support our integration with another app called UploadKit. The update caused the issue with your theme. Everything is working now.

We went ahead and gave you a refund for our app. Let me know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Relentless Apps

East Grande

I installed this app with the intention of using it for just one product. Simple to set up, everything seemed fine. The next day after installing it my store got 0 sales. Even for products that weren't using the app. It had been getting many sales every single day up until today. The only thing I could think of that I changed was adding the app (again, I wasn't even setting it up for my current running products). Well, I realized when customers added products to cart, my store would just freeze - they couldn't go to cart or initiate checkout. So, I deleted the app to see if this made a difference. And guess what - I refreshed and tried again - and could now access checkout again. I literally tried this with multiple products on my store (that weren't using the app) and got the same issue every time. Deleting the app seemed to do the trick. So I now spent an entire day on ads running traffic to a store that freezes upon adding a product to cart, because of this app. Hate to leave negative reviews but sadly in this case I had no choice.

Developer reply

October 14, 2021

I am sorry the app caused an issue with your theme. We went ahead and made the theme Prestige compatible with our app. Now you or anyone else using this theme won't have any issues.

Thank you for reporting the issue so we could fix this :)

- Jon
Relentless Apps

Eternal Roses®

This app appeared to be very good and useful, however it broke the swatch option on my product and would not uninstall completely. Contacting the app developer proved to be unhelpful as they stated that the app was fully removed and the issue was not something that was caused by their coding.

Developer reply

September 13, 2021

Hi Lance. I see I emailed you a month ago. I had sent a request to access your store and look into the issue but you declined the access and never emailed me back.

We would be happy to look into this again and fix any issues caused by our app.

I sent you another request to look into this issue.

Relentless Apps


Unfortunately, it was a complete waste of time. It took me days to set up the app. Unfortunately, the app has some bugs, e.g. product prices are not transferred to the checkout page. The customer service responded relatively quickly, but could not help in most cases. The technician is booked out for days, I was told. To fix my problems I would have had to wait 4 (!!!) days. Such slow service can ruin your business. I definitely cannot recommend this app, it just has too many bugs.

Developer reply

July 15, 2021

Thank you for the compliment, we do our best to answer emails quickly. When I looked into our emails I saw that we always responded within a few hours answering your questions and fixing any issues you had with the app.

To be clear I do see Jon had told you it would take 1-4 days to fix your incompatibility issue with your theme where our app's virtual options were not showing there. I tried to fix this issue 24 hours after you gave us access to your store but you had already uninstalled the app.

To be fair to all our customers we fix the problems of our customers in the order we receive them.

If you would like to try out our app again please re-install the app.

Relentless Apps


I had an order come in that didn't have any options chosen. I realized that the custom options are no longer showing up on my listings. I also realized that I have an increased number of abandoned checkouts, likely because customers were not able to choose options on their products. The only customer service option is an email form (which I have filled out), which means getting immediate help is not possible. In this case I have no idea how many sales this has cost me and I now have to reach out to customers and ask for their options and eat the cost if they choose something that should have been an upcharge. As a small business owner, this is an awful experience and I'm now more likely to leave Shopify all together for a selling platform that allows me to offer more product options without having to use undependable apps. UPDATE: Still no help from anyone at Relentless Apps but researching myself it seems that installing this app overrides some critical theme code. Two weeks ago we noticed that the mobile version of our site wasn't working. Fixing that code affected Variant, which caused it to stop working. In order to fix it we need code from Variant. We should not have to choose between a working mobile site and a working Variant app.

Developer reply

June 21, 2021

Update: Still waiting for a response. I have tried emailing you on your different contact emails. I see you are still using our app. Please email me back with more information to fix these issues.

When I tested this I saw our app was working correctly. I sent you an email requesting more information to fix the issues.

We only offer email support but we will respond as quickly as possible. I see I responded to your email within 45 minutes. I have been waiting for a response with more information to fix this.

Relentless Apps


now my shopify cannot use the app. the link is not useful. why? maybe still will charge me. how to use the app again?

Developer reply

June 18, 2021

Hi Optifine I sent you a refund for the app. I have been waiting to hear back if this issue has been fixed but haven't heard anything from you.

Please email me back and we will get this fixed.

Have a great weekend,

Relentless Apps

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