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23. November 2023

I had a great time with Leo from The BestDealer. He guided me slowly on how to import the products and i can say i am happy. I completely had no idea of how to move around the app only to find out it was very simple.

The whole process was easy with a little help i got. I had the idea to start my own online business and the best thing is coming across Bestdealer as my product source. I trust my customers will have the best experience when shopping, so my main focus was to have the best quality and shipping conditions.

lyn's Classic
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4 tage mit der App
20. November 2023

I am just a beginner and i am happy that this app helped me source products for my store within a few minutes because it is easy to use when you have your store connected to it.

I like how straightforward it is even when you want to find products from AliExpress it still gives you that ability to find what you're looking for. I even went ahead and try using an image when looking for products and I was excited about this method of finding products that I didn't know the name

Wow, I just like it.

Blue Design
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3 tage mit der App
21. November 2023

This app is amazing with tons of products to choose from. Unlike other apps, this has a unique design that made me select many products easily.

I added the products to import list the with a few clicks i managed to import all the products to the store. This makes me happy.

Vereinigte Staaten
5 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 30. Oktober 2023

Emma and Leo helped me to set things up within minutes and also speeded up the whole internal process!

Really great to work with them, can only recommend this!

12 tage mit der App
9. September 2023

I have tried emailing 4 times regarding a problem with an order, but on respond from anyone, nobody from customer service. I even subscribed for the app, and now i have deleted it. I do not understand why there is nobody who can help you. I even tried Whats App, no response. PLEASE DO NOT USED THIS APP. THEY WILL NOT RESPOND TO YOU IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS OR ISSUE.

Scotts Fashion For All Boutique
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Etwa 2 monate mit der App
Bestdealer hat geantwortet 11. September 2023

Hello sir/dear,

we feel really sorry that we didn't check your email in time. We didn't mean not to respond to your messages, but since we checked our service mailbox, and didn't see an email from you, we will check all of our mailboxes again.

We will send personal agents for our customers. You could contact us in live chat which you can find the Blue icon in the lower right corner of our website page. Also, there are WhatsApp and Skype contact way on the top of our page. Maybe these signs are not visible enough, I have reported this to the IT team, and we can do better!

Sorry for this again, We've sent an agent to contact you already. Please let him know all of the questions you have, We are always willing to provide quality service to our customers. hope you have a nice day.

BestDealer team

31. August 2023

Very easy to use! As a first-time user, it only took me about 20 minutes before I had my first product uploaded to my store. My only takeaway is I wish they had more products to select from, currently, there are 208. The import from AliExpress didn't work the first few times I tried it, however, once it got going there was no issue. I'm on testing it out and the free plan is very, very limited but it seems like an app worth the upgrade.

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2 monate mit der App
22. Juli 2023

Happy to be able to select inventory directly from the supplier its amazing lowers my overhead and made it easy to envision my company from a starting point. It was one the best apps I have used in a long time since opening my online ecommerce website. You can find the products for your store easy and quickly ! Also adding them is even easier ! Literally search for anything you want and you will be able to find it easily !

Greenbudz Garden Gear
4 monate mit der App
22. November 2023

The best app ever. I like the seamlessness in this app. No stress finding products. Also, customer service is good.

I like how they responded to me fast. This shows that the app is a perfect solution and I was excited to speak to the support team

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4 tage mit der App
13. September 2023

Easy to use, fully functional. Makes drop shipping easy. I would definitely recommend to anyone who's looking for a user friendly app which supports global drop shipping.

23 tage mit der App
18. September 2023

This platform has made me feel incredibly at ease in the realm of shipping services, truly saving me time and effort.

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