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Better Home Screen Icons

Better Home Screen Icons

Developed by Kompile IVS

Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Easily add Apple Touch Icons to your Shop
  • Easily add FavIcons to your Shop
  • Easily resize the uploaded image to all the right sizes

Easy Home Screen Icons And FavIcons

Customers use websites in different ways today, compared to how they did back in the earlier days of the web. Some customers still bookmark web pages and some customers add web pages to their home screen and use them like apps on their phones.

With this app you can easily add 'Home Screen icons' for iPhones and iPads and you can easily change the FavIcon (the little browser icons in the menu bar) of your shop. Just upload an image and let this app do the rest!

Apple Touch Icons

Apple iOS has a feature called “Add to Home Screen”, which basically makes your mobile website look like an app by adding an icon to the home screen.

Image sizes needed for Apple Touch Icons:

  • 120x120: iPhone Retina (iOS 7)

  • 180x180: iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 8+)

  • 152x152: iPad Retina (iOS 7)

  • 167x167: iPad Pro (iOS 8+)


This app also supports changing the FavIcon of your shop. The FavIcon is the little icon you see in the browser bar when browsing your shop.

Image sizes needed for FavIcons to work:

  • 16x16: browser favicon

  • 32x32: taskbar shortcut icon

  • 96x96: desktop shortcut icon (and Google TV)

This app automatically resizes your uploaded image to all the right sizes needed for both Apple Touch Icons and FavIcons. Just upload a single image and you are done!

About Kompile

At Kompile our developers are very passionate about the development of Shopify and eCommerce solutions for integration into the customer’s own inventory and ERP system. We are experienced in both Private and Public apps for the Shopify App Store, as well as advanced solutions developed with Liquid.

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App did what I wanted...created favicons that are showing correctly. A bit expensive IMO but helpful. Thanks!

$4.99 / month
5 days

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