Better Related Blog Posts

Better Related Blog Posts

av Stackedboost

Display Better Related Blog Posts in your Shop Blog

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SEO Booster

Using Better Related Blog Posts created crucial link between your blogposts that will boost your internal SEO

Super Fast

Hyper modern technologies make BRBP load super fast on any device. This contribute to better user experience and also effect your shops seo

Boost Engagment

Keep your visitors longer on your shop. This increase engagement and retention.

Om Better Related Blog Posts

Encourage your visitors to read more content and visit more pages on your site by installing the Shopify Better Related Blog Posts App from Stackedboost.

Boost Engagement %

Recommend similar blog posts of yours at the end of each blog posts. This is a proven way of increasing engagement and retention that in return will result in more sales.

Boost SEO

As the funder of a top-rated search engine optimization company, I guarantee this plugin will boost your whole sites SEO.

  • Creates quality internal links that boost SEO
  • Improves indexing times in Search engines
  • Lazy loading of images for improved speed.
  • Built with Mobile-first approach
  • Automatically ad image alt and link title tags to optimize how images rank on Search engines.

Complete Customization

Better Related Blog Posts app has full customization option

  • Choose from 3 designs
  • Set number of posts to display
  • Option to display Author, Date, Comments & Read more button
  • Set widget Title & Description
  • Set maximum length on Title & Description text
  • Choose what blogs to display on
  • Exclude posts by tag

And much more!



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5.0 av 5 stjärnor

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De senaste recensionerna

Dip Nail Polish

I am surprised more people arent using this. Works fantastic, just what we were looking for. Thanks a lot!

Utvecklarens svar

25 augusti 2020

Thank you for your feedback! Please don't hesitate to let us know if anything is missing or if we should add some sort of additional settings.

Restless Mama

Using it on 2 different stores and it does the job. +++ for the various designs that is available to choose from.

Restless Mama

Works perfect. Really love that i can choose from multiple designs for my related blog posts. I simply recommend !

Utvecklarens svar

20 september 2019

Thank you 🙏 Please don't hesitate to let us know if anything is missing or if we should add some sort of additional settings.