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Doesn't work and customer service doesn't even reply.

Rejuve+ Health Products
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couldnt get it working and the help section didnt have any answers. I also tried the contact but that didnt work. Maybe not compatible with my plan or theme.

Primal Chic
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hiç beğenmedin

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This isn’t working

Alaska Rhodiola
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Chato pra caramba! Obrigar as pessoas a escreverem uma critica, horrivel isso! Dá vontade até de desistir!

Loja Mundo Smart
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3rd Update:
My account no longer works again. It will not save the disable mobile feature. I will be uninstalling. 2nd update:
After agreeing to update my review they have fixed the issue. I can now disable the pop up on mobile and it stays. Hopefully the data will start tracking again as well. Update:
With in a few mins of posting this review. Customer support reached out to me. They indicated that if you had the older free app it no longer works. Supposedly they send an email to let you know. I never had an email, the pop up still tracks orders, pops up on the site. However it doesn't show the data in your dashboard and you can't actually disable the pop ups. I will update my review if a resolution is found. If not I will just delete the app and move on. Shame I loved it when it worked. Initial Review:
It used to work great. It has not shown my data results in a long time. No matter how many times I disable it for mobile it still is there. I have reached out to support several times with their chat box saying if you see this we are online ready to help. No one ever answers.

Blessed by Sparkles
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11/24 Update
Is this application still working? I've reached out several times over the last few weeks with no response. 12/14 Update:
This application continues to help me provide social proof. It definitely boosts sales and the technical team is awesome. They jumped in late tonight to customize a popup for me. Totally wonderful team! Awesome sales popup. Great variety of design templates and configuration settings. Looks great on a PC and mobile. I ran into a technical issue and the development team resolved the issue in the middle of the night. Very responsive customer service.

Used by God
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We installed this app and it worked as advertised during trial period.
After purchasing, it kept asking if i want to confirm my subscription every 2-3 days. No response from support, after sending support request, phone call.

Desi Favors Australia
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It's broken, it doesn't work. Adjust settings, save settings and nothing. Very sad. Cant' preview or see it on your site.

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Zoomifi, Inc已回复 2020年7月29日

Hello 👋

Thanks for sharing your feedback. But I see that you don't have any order that's why order notification is not showing. However I added few items to cart in order to test and those are showing in pops.

Can you please rectify your review, additionally we do provide Live chat support in case you need any help please take help from support anytime.

It took lots of efforts to build an app and we are providing this app and live chat support in free just to support merchants affected by COVID-19, Reviews like this disrespect that decision.

We are looking forward for your response, and hoping that you will rectify your review and support us too.

Best Regards
Gursimran Sehgal (Co-founder)
PlusBooster India 🇮🇳



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